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PAIGE VAULTS TO THE TOP: Reaches level 10

GYMNASTICS: The sky is the limit for Bundaberg's Paige Hogan.

Just like she does on one of her beam routines, Hogan leaped to a new milestone at the recent Gladstone Invitational.

Hogan competed in level 10 and completed all the requirements to join the highest possible level you can get to as a gymnast.

She finished second in the meet and won first in the individual floor event.

"I did really well, passed the level I was aiming for,” she said.

"Second overall was a bonus on top.”

Hogan said all she needed to do was execute what she had been practising.

"There was pretty much no doubt I was not going to get it,” she said.

"I had a start score of 54 and you only need a 41 to pass, so I had room for errors.

"Which I had on the day, on the beam I fell twice but still managed to pass.”

The achievement is a special milestone for Hogan and Gymfinity.

The 15-year-old is one of the youngest to achieve the feat in Bundaberg and is currently the only active gymnast at that level.

She was also the youngest competing at the event in Gladstone.

Incredibly, the achievement was also done after a year out of the sport.

Hogan was out for most of last year with a shoulder injury that almost ended her career.

To get to the top level is an achievement in itself.

The goal now is to maintain that level and qualify for the nationals next year at the state titles.

"Until then I need to get a couple of skills on beam and floor,” she said.

"Now I only have a watered up bar routine, so now I need to try to get my double back, back in again, and try to get it higher.”

The focus for Hogan is training and nailing a set routine.

"That's it pretty much, nothing too exciting,” she laughed.

"What we've done is we've put the ideal bar and floor routine together and my aim is to get them right by the start of next year.

"We hope they are competition ready by the regionals.”

Hogan said she hoped her achievement could be an inspiration to fellow gymnasts.

"I think it will be good for the younger ones,” she said.

"They can now see that level 10 is in reach at the club and for someone their age.”

With no more competitions for the rest of the year, Hogan's attention will now turn to 2018, with the state championships for her level to be held early in the year.

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