Our politicians' thoughts on same-sex marriage

VOTE: A postal vote could determine whether gay mariage will become legal in Australia.
VOTE: A postal vote could determine whether gay mariage will become legal in Australia. Juan Jose Horta

WITH the same-sex marriage debate raging across the nation, some of Bundaberg's politicians have weighed in with their thoughts.

The Federal Government is likely to push through legislation next week to stop hateful advertising material being distributed during the postal plebiscite.

Legal challenges have been launched against the postal vote, arguing it exceeds the government's power by using the Australian Bureau of Statistics to gather the data without any legislation to authorise the $122 million cost.

If it does go ahead, Bundaberg voters will start receiving ballots from September 12, as long as they are on the electoral roll and their physical address is up to date.

Bundaberg MP Leanne Donaldson emphatically declared her support for marriage equality and said she would participate in the voluntary postal ballot.

"Love is love and who am I to tell anyone that their relationship is less valid than anyone else's,” Ms Donaldson said.

"It's time Australia caught up with the rest of the world and got this done.

"Despite it being a $122 million waste of taxpayers' money, it is important that young people enrol to vote before the deadline of August 24 to ensure their voices are heard in this debate as currently 42% are not enrolled to vote.”

Hinkler MP Keith Pitt, who does not support same-sex marriage, said his position hadn't changed.

"Every voter in the electorate will get the chance to have their say in the postal plebiscite, I will be actively encouraging them all to do just that,” Mr Pitt said.

One Nation candidate for Bundaberg Jane Truscott and Burnett MP Stephen Bennett were more ambiguous about their positions on same-sex marriage.

"My own vote will reflect the mood of my electorate, and that's why I'm encouraging people to get in touch to let me know their thoughts,” Mr Bennett said.

"The LNP has a clear position on marriage equality and that is that it should be taken to the people of Queensland.

"I encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming voluntary postal ballot to provide a clear direction on this emotional, but very personal issue.”

Dr Truscott said while this was an issue that was very personal and emotive to many, it was a federal matter and was unrelated to state politics or her role as a candidate.

"The people of Bundaberg tell me the issues that are important to them are increasing electricity prices, rising household costs and jobs,” she said.

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