OUR initial time lapse roundabout video showed we weren't paying attention at roundabouts, but a week on, it wasn't much better. This is what you said...

  • People are still indicating on entering a roundabout, they have to give way to cars on the bloody roundabout and blinker to exit.

Ralph Haste

  • I always indicate coming off.

Stacey Zink

  • The reason why everyone should have to re sit their driving test every five years. The rules for indicating off a roundabout haven't changed since they came as far as I know. The purpose of a roundabout is very different from an intersection, it's to keep the flow of traffic, so by not indicating off other drivers have to stop and wait to see where you are going.

Tricia Christie

  • After seeing your first one, I have been diligent about following the law. I've noticed that cars following me, after not indicating at the first roundabout, do so after I've done it. I guess it will catch on?

Irene Wilk

  • "Why should I indicate off the roundabout if I'm going straight". Why do you pay for your groceries? Why do you go the speed limit? Why do you refrain from murdering people? Because its the law. If you "refuse" I hope a cop catches you every single time you do it. People who can't follow the road rules shouldn't have a licence.

Liz Welch

  • To indicate off a roundabout is simple: you apply your left indicator just after you pass the left exit before the one you want.

Jodie Reynolds

  • I don't understand why people are speaking about indicating like it's an option. It's the law, just do it!

Teresaw Willett

  •  I've just come along Maynard Rd... car coming from opposite direction, used his right hand blinker so naturally I thought he was turning right, no... Next thing he's got his left blinker on as he's going off.

Patricia Brown

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