Moneys needs money

“IT'S the beginning of the end.”

Those were the thoughts of Moneys Creek Rehabilitation Group chairman Mike Rennie upon seeing the results of a hydrology report commissioned by the group earlier in the year.

The results of the report, completed by BMT WMB, will be handed down at a public meeting at the Bargara Golf Club tomorrow from 7pm.

Mr Rennie described some aspects of the report, which states Moneys Creek Lagoon could disappear within five years if nothing is done, as “terrifying”.

The report provides six options for fixing the waterway; including vacuum dredging, building a bund wall and forming a natural sediment trap.

Mr Rennie, who lives on the creek, is looking forward to starting rehabilitation on the creek to stop the algal blooms and fish kills which create a rotten odour in the area.

“It gets in your clothes on the clothes line. It's terrible. Everyone knows where you live from the smell,” he said.

Mr Rennie said the next step was to decide which option to take and then work with Bundaberg Regional Council to start to clean up Moneys Creek.

BMT WMB senior engineer Anthony Charlesworth said the options listed would come at a price but costings were yet to be done, although the price options did vary.

“Everyone would like a Rolls Royce solution, but that unfortunately comes with a Rolls Royce price,” he said.

Mr Charlesworth said it would depend on which option was chosen, as to the implementation, but some aspects could start immediately.

“Farming best management practices to work with farmers on the best way to spread fertiliser can start now, not only in the Moneys Creek catchment area but across the region,” Mr Charlesworth said.

Mr Rennie said the rehabilitation group was already working with farmers in the area.

The report found 460 tonnes of sediment are deposited into the lagoon each year, 80 per cent of which comes from the rural catchment area.


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