The royal couple with Prince George.
The royal couple with Prince George.

OPINION: Why can't we just be happy for Will and Kate?

WHY oh why have we become so jaded?

While news broke that Will and Kate were expecting a third baby, commentors on news sites the world over got their baby-grinch on. 

Some complained that Kate hadn't left enough time between babies. 

Others said she was quite "fertile".

Many joked and said it wouldn't matter how many babies the royals had, as they'd always have nannies on hand to do the hard work.

Then there were the people saying things like "I had a baby, where's my story?"

Of course, many just claimed the story wasn't news at all. 

It's all a little sad really. 

Whether or not you consider yourself a monarchist, it seems simple manners to wish a couple well upon hearing such news. 

Would the harsh words directed at the royal couple be good enough for close family and friends? Would you tell your best friend she had not left enough room between her babies and should slow down?

We're talking about people here. 

Recently, a documentary about Princess Diana showed the mood on the streets when news came first of all that a baby William was on the way, then the news he had been born. 

People poured beers in pubs, gathered in the streets and cheered at the news of the royal arrival. 

What a tough bunch we've since become. 

Of course, there's a bigger issue at play here than a royal pregnancy. 

It's the degree of separation that seems to detach us enough that we don't care how spiteful we become and how much we indulge in cynicism. 

Famous people have long been the focus of scrutiny, and in a sense, it's almost like we have all become social media celebs in our own little worlds, detached and open to scrutiny from our peers. 

Social media is turning us all into grumble bums who really don't have anything nice to say.

Perhaps it's time we said nothing at all. 

And on that note, congratulations Will and Kate. 

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