OPINION: We don't need the risks of nuclear

MP KEITH Pitt is at it again!

First the cashless card that he is so proud of introducing to Bundaberg.

Now he wants a nuclear power plant (NewsMail, 6/8). Earlier Bundaberg was suggested.

We should take note of what has happened in Japan.

Radioactive waste leaking into the Pacific Ocean, and areas of Japan ruined.

We can't have a nuclear power plant in Australia because it should be well away from oceans, rivers and built-up areas.

That rules out all-of the coastal areas and hinterlands.

The most remote areas of Australia's out-back, away from indigenous settlements can't be chosen.

They need lots of water to operate such a plant.

It could also pollute our underground water basin.

Because we have banned the use of our coal, electricity sources are in tatters.

Hundreds of thousands of solar panels are now reflecting heat and glare into the atmosphere, all contributing to heating our air as well as water. Noisy windfarms and battery models all create their own problems.

Electricity costs are up.

Our region should not even be up for consideration as cane farmers and small crop farmers' properties have to be protected.

We are prone to earth tremors that could one day see a full-scale earthquake rattle our area, it could also impact on our fishing and beef industries.

No one wants things that are hazardous to our life style arrive on our doorsteps.

So, it is for those of us who live in Queensland. I don't trust the experts who say nuclear plants are safe.

I am not a Greenie or an expert on climate change, but I do have an opinion just as everyone else does.

I thought we were just going through another cycle.

Especially when they tell us that some of our disasters also happened back in the 1800s.

I think the experts have chosen the wrong culprit when they attacked our coal.

It has been in use for years without any problems.

I think the problem lies more with the fact we have had to clear so much of our forests.

I realise this has been unavoidable because we need our farms and residential areas also cities.

Unfortunately, we have had no choice as we have become over populated.

Now the Amazon region is being encroached upon because of the same reason.

Unfortunately, their jungles have been purifying a lot of the air we breathe.

Everyone knows how much cooler the air is around trees. We can all feel the difference.

So, it makes sense to me that things can only get worse.

With less trees and more carbon monoxide in the air from our vehicles, and heat from our cities and sealed roads it will be an on-going problem. We have been told that the earth will die when the last of our forests are gone.

So, I think the Greenies should stop protesting against our coal and concentrate on Brazil, where the real problem now lies.

They must learn from our mistakes before it is too late.

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