Rafael Nadal.
Rafael Nadal. aap

OPINION: the Aus Open outfits causing a racquet

AS EVENTS at Melbourne Park head into their business end, it's not just been the action on court that's been heating up on the screens. Here, arguably the NewsMail's biggest tennis fans, reporter Sarah Steger and editor Adam Wratten, take a look at the outfits that are turning heads.

Roger Federer.
Roger Federer. Cameron Spencer

Roger Federer

Sarah: Roger has never been one to wear the flashiest outfit. Why would he when he's got his tennis to knock people's socks off with? Roger's a star. He's always my number one to watch, but not for his eye-grabbing outfits, which this one is no exception to.

Adam: Federer is pure class in everything he does, outfit included. Love the colour. Would wear myself.

Serena Williams.
Serena Williams. aap

Serena Williams

Sarah: I maintain that Serena is the best tennis player in the world, and one of the best athletes in history. But that title is the only reason she's gotten Adamay with wearing that horrific green jumpsuit.

Adam: Serena is a bold person. Love the colour and she pulls this off with style.

Spain's Rafael Nadal was at his awesome best on Rod Laver Arena.
Spain's Rafael Nadal was at his awesome best on Rod Laver Arena.

Rafael Nadal

Sarah: There's honestly nothing Nadal could wear (or not wear for that matter) that would put me off watching him play. He's a beast and a champion and the orange and white combo suits him to a tee.

Adam: If I had guns like that I too would wear a sleeveless top. Absolutely love the orange. My favourite outfit of the slam.

Naomi Osaka.
Naomi Osaka. PETER PARKS

Naomi Osaka

Sarah: Osaka's outfit is spot on. She kept it sleek and classsy, with a touch of pink to brighten up the ensemble. Love it.

Adam: The best outfit of all the women. The way the turquoise phases from dark to light. The pink just finishes it off.

Eugenie Bouchard.
Eugenie Bouchard. aap

Eugenie Bouchard

Sarah: I can't help but wonder if Eugenie has tried to counter the sexism that runs rampant in the professional tennis world by completely covering up. I respect that decision, after all, she's been consistently harassed by men on and off the court since her career first started. But in saying that, this is one of the ugliest tops I've ever seen. Is it a rashie? Is she going to the beach afterwards?

Adam: For one of the more popular players in the slam, this outfit lacks the freshness and burst of colour I usually associate with the Australian Open. I love the outfits that shout summer. This screams autumn.

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