OPINION: Space for mums

A RECENT local news item portrayed some offence by some people at young mothers in the town breast feeding their babies in a public area.

Although generally holding conservative views, I do not see anything disconcerting here.

On the contrary, it is rather commendable when carried out with discretion and should be encouraged for various reasons.

Anyone observing this process being carried out, should show the young mother respect and dignity, allowing her space and privacy, as she is doing something which is natural for the wellbeing of her child.

She is obviously one who has her child's best interests at heart, the bonding process also being developed - it would be much easier to continue shopping with a contented baby in a relaxed manner than with a screaming, hungry child.

Not only the baby, but the whole family will benefit when mum comes home less tired and less pressured.

It must be very difficult at times to find a quiet place in our busy city which continues to get busier by the day.

If Townsville is considering finding $300 million to build a new stadium, (and I am not saying they shouldn't) wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find a few thousand dollars to provide a modern rest room in the CBD centre, especially for our young mothers to care for their babies in comfort and privacy when they come to shop.

This might be a council project for 2016 or the businesses themselves may see it as attracting more young families to shop in the CBD.



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