Should marijuana be made legal?
Should marijuana be made legal?

OPINION: Prohibition is what makes drugs dangerous

A NEW study published in Economic Enquiry reports that legalisation of recreational marijuana has reduced opioid deaths by 20 to 35 per cent.

Co-author Nathan W. Chan, PhD, of University of Massachusetts Amherst, said "focusing on the recent wave of recreational marijuana laws in the US, we find that opioid mortality rates drop when recreational marijuana becomes widely available via dispensaries".

One can only speculate on the effect marijuana legalisation could have on demand and consumption of far more dangerous recreational drugs - especially on the methamphetamine crisis.

Unlike other drugs, according to Wendy Chapkis and Richard J Webb: "marijuana ranks among the safest therapeutically and active plant substances known to mankind since it is impossible to ingest enough to induce a lethal response".

Should marijuana be legal?

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Hence it must be considered a recreational psychoactive substance, substantially less dangerous than legal alcohol.

Drugs are not malum but malum prohibitum; drugs are not innately dangerous, prohibition makes them dangerous.

Governments must acknowledge that as US Senator John McCain said "if there's a demand" for drugs, "there's going to be a supply," and act accordingly.

"Drugs must be regulated precisely because they are risky... drugs are infinitely more dangerous if they are left solely in the hands of criminals who have no concerns about health and safety. Legal regulation protects health" - Kofi Annan.

Maybe on one issue the Australian and Queensland governments can be proactive rather than reactive, admit to blindly following discredited US policies and proudly lead a revolution by denouncing the politico/racist US led war on drugs.


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