OPINION: New trial worth a go on farms

Getting locals to work on farms will be explored.
Getting locals to work on farms will be explored. Contributed

GETTING around Bundaberg I often hear stories about how backpackers are taking the work off locals on farms.

Then I hear stories about how locals don't want farm jobs because they are seasonal and affect their welfare payments.

Now there is no excuse for not getting out and having a go.

The Federal Government is starting a two-year trial in Bundy to help meet the seasonal work needs of farmers.

Participants in the trial will be able to earn an extra $5000 each year from seasonal work without affecting income support payments.

It is a great idea and one the unemployed need to have a crack at.

The extra money would come in handy but the best thing is the confidence and self-worth the unemployed would get out of the work.

And it might lead to a full-time job.

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