Cynthia Hoogstraten takes a stroll with her pooch and meets a wild friend.
Cynthia Hoogstraten takes a stroll with her pooch and meets a wild friend. Contributed

OPINION: It's vital to make time for yourself

THE meaning of a holiday is "an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling”.

I love my home, routine and network of friends, but I feel rested and renewed after some special time away.

I feel it is beneficial for everyone to have a regular holiday as it is just as important as healthy food and exercise.

The pressures of work and daily routines can impact on your overall health and having a vacation to look forward to is a positive focus.

My husband and I have just returned from a Straddie Island (second largest sand island in the world) holiday and there is something to be said about the opportunity to gaze over the crystal-clear blue ocean, whilst spotting turtles and dolphins at play.

To wake each morning to abundant bird songs, spot koalas clambering up trees and greeting the local kangaroos on our daily walks, certainly leaves you feeling grateful of our beautiful, native environment.

Locals were always amused that we spent holidays at the beach at Bargara and Innes Park, but travelling far is not always necessary.

Just having time away to relax and unwind allows you to reflect and "recharge the batteries”.

For me, I was content weaving baskets with found natural fibres, drumming on the headland at sunrise, surfing the waves on my boogie board and exploring the many walking trails on the island.

Finding your passion and immersing in nature lowers stress levels and allows the brain to process new connections, giving you that feeling of rejuvenation and renewed insight.

Our holiday was shared with a friend who had just had heart surgery and he commented that the experience was "ultimately both wonderful and worthwhile” as he was now feeling uplifted and less stressed.

Make time for yourself.