Columnist Betty Lowis weighs in on the refugee and migrant issue.
Columnist Betty Lowis weighs in on the refugee and migrant issue.

OPINION: How many protesters would take a detainee?

TOP marks to Canada for offering instant asylum to the brave girl from Saudi Arabia, while our government dallied.

It must have taken a lot of courage to leave, knowing what would happen to her if she were to be taken home.

She will be an asset to her adopted country.

Our government had no sympathy either for the Sri Lankan family, the Scottish husband and wife doctors who loved working in the outback, or the Filipina nurse and son - all of whom overstayed their visas. Petitions failed. It was remiss to let their visas expire, yet they could have become worthwhile Australians.

How many of these anti-racists who attended the St Kilda rally really cared about the situation? It looked more like fun, playing to the TV cameras. One fool was strutting around doing the Hitler walk made famous by John Cleese in Fawlty Towers.

It was easy to see he was one of the anti-racists, as were all those carrying Nazi placards.

The protesters were trying to get the government to take action and deport criminal gangs.

Instead, our prime minister and premier couldn't get on TV quickly enough to denounce the so-called racists.

Even they didn't seem to understand it was not skin colour or country, but allowing criminals to stay when we already have our own in Australia. I fail to see how our situation is in any way connected to Hitlerism.

Australia is now more lawless than the days of the American wild west.

Because of lax laws and weak judges, these criminals are afraid of no one.

They know they are untouchable.

Our hard-working police are limited in what they are allowed to do. As a result, they are disrespected and bashed by all.

Also, anti-racists want all detainees in camps brought to Australia.

The government could ask all those sympathisers to step up and sponsor them - be responsible for one or more of them for a period of about five years and pay all of their expenses instead of expecting the Australian taxpayer to foot the bill.

I wonder how many of them would be up for that?

Betty Lowis is a Bundaberg writer and artist.

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