Motorists don't deserve to get away with breaking the law.
Motorists don't deserve to get away with breaking the law. SCOTT POWICK

OPINION: Every road needs a speed camera

I RECENTLY found myself pondering on an idea I've had floating in my head for a considerable amount of time.

I've always wondered why speedsters can tear up suburban streets day and night, but nothing ever causes it to cease.

Without doubt, police are working hard to catch who they can, but their resources are stretched and they can't be on every street at every hour of the day.

Speeds of more than 100km/h on our quietest suburban roads are commonplace and there are days when the anxiety runs high listening as tyres screech and you know that sooner or later there'll be a bang and blood will be shed.

Of course there is no issue with revheads doing what they do, but it should be in a place where the only people they endanger are themselves.

Streets with kids and animals and schools don't deserve to be racetracks and that's why I've long wondered why speed cameras don't line every road.

I'm sure there is a reason this isn't the case and I'm betting it comes down to something like administration or installation costs.

But from what I've been able to gather, despite the initial blow to the hip pocket, some speed cameras make back at least three times their cost in a year.

Rolling out more speed cameras would bring about two positives - less speeding and more revenue to reinvest into even more cameras.

People complain about revenue raising but it's been proven that increasing costs cut bad habits.

Should speed cameras be normal additions to all streets?

This poll ended on 17 November 2018.

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