OPINION: Bennett suggests action he failed at

I THOUGHT about it for a while and decided to have Stephen Bennett take a dose of reality, a subject he avoids frequently.

Mr Bennett decided to have a photo opportunity demanding this Labor government of Queensland reduce electricity tariffs to farmers by 30% because costs were killing off the farmers and they may not be able to afford to pump water to their crops.

A positive step, I agree.

However, that is where the story gets blurry.

I now ask Mr Bennett to reflect on a letter I wrote in May 2013.

It was when Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt was attempting to blame the previous Bligh government for increases in electricity and water, while the Newman bunch of reprobates were doing exactly that in Queensland.

Mr Bennett was being propositioned by the Canegrowers association requesting a 30% reduction in tariffs while Mr Bennett's LNP government was actively introducing exorbitant increases in costs to the farmers.

It's funny, Mr Bennett - it's the exact amount the Canegrowers asked you for while in absolute power and never received.

You were in government then.

Canegrowers actually labelled the LNP's new tax hikes as a "money grab", as Mr Bennett and the LNP increased electricity by 17.5% and 21.4% for irrigation and water.

During the election, Mr Bennett's LNP promised Queensland farmers water prices would only go up by $2.72 a megalitre, but jammed them with a

staggering $9.87 per litre increase.

Canegrowers predicted that the deceit shown by the LNP, which Mr Bennett was a part of and supported, would cost a 10% drop in production and a 10% loss of employment.

Before you hop on your soap box again, Mr Bennett, I would suggest you pick another subject, because you were an absolute failure to the farmers when in government.

You should have done your howling when you had your chance, instead of attempting to blame others when in opposition.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Too late, Mr Bennett.

You didn't.


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