OPINION: Being in a marginal seat is a good thing

I DON'T know about our readers, but I'm over politics and that is before the election has even started.

The last couple of days has been bedlam with what seems like thousands of announcements, claims and counter claims from both sides of politics.

It is a confusing time for all concerned.

The good thing for Bundaberg, and Maryborough for that matter, is that we are a marginal seat.

Both sides are working hard to secure our votes and the money is flowing.

This week we have had announcements worth more than $20m by Labor and as the campaign kicks off the promises should continue.

The only problem when it comes to voting is trying to pick the winning party.

When your member is in power they have a lot more sway. I've come from a safe seat and being marginal is a lot better for the region.

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