Education Minister John Paul Langbroek
Education Minister John Paul Langbroek

OP scores could be expelled in Queensland schools

THE Queensland Government has promised not to rush in any changes to the controversial Overall Position (OP) system which often sees schools ranked according to their brightest.

Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek said education has evolved significantly since school-based senior assessment was introduced in the early 1970s, followed by the Overall Position (OP) tertiary entrance system in 1992.

"The reality is that school-based apprenticeships and vocational education and training are on the rise and senior students are using many different pathways to reach their tertiary destinations. 

"This review is an opportunity for us to ensure that the Queensland system reflects the multitude of ways that senior students can demonstrate achievement and the range of options available to students after they leave school."

Mr Langbroek said the review, which was timely in the context of the new Australian Curriculum, would look at the merits of systems operating in other states and countries.

"The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) has been appointed through a public tender process to carry out the 12-month review," he said.

"Professor Geoff Masters and Dr Gabrielle Matters from ACER will be the joint leaders of the review.

"It is essential for this review to be conducted independently and both Professor Masters and Dr Matters are recognised experts with extensive knowledge of assessment and tertiary entrance processes in Australia and overseas.

"The review will involve extensive consultation before ACER delivers its full report, including recommendations for the Government to consider, by 31 July 2014."

Mr Langbroek reassured families that any potential changes to the current system would be phased-in over several years.

"The timing of any changes arising from this review will be carefully considered so that students can plan their senior schooling and tertiary entrance pathways," he said.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What should we be assessing our senior students upon? What would you like to see more emphasis placed on?

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