Onesies, pets and thermal undies - how Aussies stay warm

AS WINTER arrives in Queensland, new research shows nearly half of us feel like we're freezing in our homes every year.

Subsequently, those in Queensland appear to have adopted extreme ways to fend off the cold indoors.

The research, conducted by Think Insulation, revealed 70% of Queenslanders have worn outside layers such as hats, gloves and scarfs whilst watching TV and even to bed.

More than 15% opt to wear thermal underwear and more than 10% choose to go home and jump into a onesie.

Once bundled up with blankets and clothing, nearly 40% choose not to suffer alone and grab the nearest family pet (or loved one) to cuddle up with and keep them cosy.

Alarmingly, some of the choices are guzzling energy.

More than 10% have left the oven door open to warm the house and another 10% have heated up clothes in the tumble dryer.

Conversely, nearly two thirds have avoided using a portable electric or gas heater as they are concerned their energy bills will be too high.

The situation is so extreme that one in 10 Australians have had to move their families into a warmer part of the house to sleep - even into one room - to beat the chill during frosty nights.

The website from Knauf Insulation is packed with helpful tips and tricks to help Aussies stay warm this winter season. 

10 ways Aussies keep warm in winter

1. Wear lots of outdoor layers including hats and gloves
2. Put extra doonas and blankets on the bed
3. Cuddle up to a pet or a loved one
4. Use an electric blanket
5. Having a hot bath
6. Sleeping with a hot water bottle
7. Eat more comfort food
8. Wear thermal underwear
9. Run around or do exercise at home
10. Eat spicy or hot foods 

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