One road, six dogs baited

WATCHING their two dogs, Bonnie and Mia, slowly succumb due to what they believe was a poisonous bait has left the Courtice family looking for answers.

“It was terrible. I watched one die, it was such an horrific thing to watch,” Toni Courtice said.

The Bonna Road resident was looking after her son and daughter-in-law’s dogs when the first dog started to appear to be in pain and began throwing up.

Mrs Courtice rushed the bull mastiff-great dane cross to the vet but was too late.

However, that was not the end of the horror.

“When we came back the other dog was showing symptoms and my daughter-in-law was looking after it,” Mrs Courtice said.

“We rushed her to the vet and he was hoping to get her through and he stayed with us until 3am but she didn’t make it.”

Mrs Courtice said the vet told her it appeared both dogs had been poisoned.

When the Courtices went to visit neighbours to warn them about what had happened, they then found out four other dogs in the street had also been poisoned.

“We just want to know what happened,” Leesa said.

“There are a lot of dogs in the area and we’re not comfortable getting another pet until we know what happened.”

The Courtice’s dogs were not small, with Mia weighing about 35kg and Bonnie about 40kg.

Mrs Courtice said they had not seen any signage or received any letters notifying them of baits being laid in the area.

Greg Savage, director of health and environment at Bundaberg Regional Council, said no wild dog baiting had been done in the area.

“They do not do baiting in the Branyan area because it’s too close to town area,” Mr Savage said.

Mr Savage said a permit was required to complete baiting which had to be at least 5km from residential areas.

RSPCA regional inspector Patrick Yeates said as far as he was aware it was an offence to lay baits without the correct permits.

“Baiting an animal, it would be a horrible way for any animal to die,” Mr Yeates said.

The news comes after council had conducted a baiting program for wild dogs in rural areas earlier in the spring.

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