VIDEO: One man got very fed up with the clown craze

A VIDEO claiming to show a violent confrontation between a person dressed as a clown and car full of youths has been posted to social media in a growing backlash against the "creepy clown" fad that has swept the globe.

Online commentators were quick to label the video, purported to show a Sydney man attacking a clown, fake and the incident is not believed to have been reported to the police.

The incident is believed to have happened in Parramatta.

Do you think it's fake? Check out the video below.

With people threatening to retaliate against those dressing up as clowns and menacing the streets of the Fraser Coast, Senior Constable Kevin Tanwan says people should call police rather than taking matters into their own hands.

Clowns wandering the streets late at night on the Fraser Coast and in other communities across Australia have caused consternation and fear, with people commenting on social media forums, saying they are prepared to defend themselves.

Residents in Bundaberg and Gladstone had also reported several clown sightings across the cities.

If you have seen a clown committing a criminal act, contact Maryborough police on 4123 8111 or Hervey Bay police on 4128 5333.

To report a non-urgent incident, contact PoliceLink on 131 444.

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