GOLF: Peter Johnson has had a successful month of golf in December.
GOLF: Peter Johnson has had a successful month of golf in December. Mike Knott BUN250217GOLF3

ON THE GREENS: Results from the region

The new year is here and so are the latest bowls and golf results.

Some clubs are still in holiday mode with others continuing during the break.

Here they are.


Brothers Men

Thursday - Social

Winners: P. Sunner, M. Darlington, W. Seawright.

Sportspersons: B. Newton, A. Juvelacas, R. Lowndes.

Sunday - Pop Stick Draw

Winners: M. Koschenow, A. Payne, N. Hempseed.

Sportspersons: D. Carroll, John Hampson, B. Druce.

Normal social games will be played during January.

Our first money day for the year is on Tuesday January 15 after our first meeting of the year.

The following day, Wednesday January 16, is Brothers Ladies Friendship Day.

On behalf of the President and Committee we wish you a happy and healthy 2019.

Burnett Men


Thursday night - December 27

Winner: Lindsay, Kemal

Runner up: Graham, Breeanna

Sportsman: Janet, Annette. Pick the Joker was not won.

Friday December 28

Winner: S. Jardine, J. Jardine

Sportsman: G. Dewing, A. Woods, M. Jeffs.

Saturday December 29

Winner: S. McGovern, R. Spencer

Sportsman: G. Crowther, L. Steemson.

Events this week

Visitors most welcome on all playing days.

Entry sheets are at the club or phone the club on 4151 4217.

Tuesday January 1 - Club closed.

Wednesday January 2 - Club open 2pm to close.

Thursday night January 3 - Club open 4pm to close and the bistro is open tonight. Bowls under the lights for beginners and experienced bowlers. Here's a great way to enjoy a fun filled night, and a chance at Pick the Joker, which will be $271+ this week. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Names by 6pm for start at 6.30 pm.

Friday January 4 - Club open 11am to close. 1pm - social bowls - open pairs. The jackpot will be $70 this week. Players must be present to win the jackpot.

Friday night January 4 - Friday night three bowl pairs. Play commences 7pm and play through to 9.30pm. Names in by 6:30pm. Green fees $10 per player. Both players to be present for the draw. 50% of green fees back in prize money.

Raffles, Goose Club and Swannies raffles are run every Friday night with great prizes. The members club draw is drawn at the conclusion of the raffles at approximately 6.45pm. Entertainment for Friday is Tony Spruce.

The Bistro is open so come down and try the tasty menu. Phone 41514217 to book a table.

Saturday January 5 - Club open 11am to close. 1pm social bowls open pairs. Names by 12.15pm. Green fees paid by 12.45pm please.

Coming events

The Wide Bay challenge starts next Saturday January 12. All players who nominated for selection in the Burnett Bowls Club Team for this competition need to check the noticeboard at the club or with the Games Director for full details. Club uniform must be worn.

Upcoming competition

Please note: The open fours, pairs and singles competition draws are on the competition boards at the club. All players are encouraged to organise to play games on any playing day throughout the week and not to wait for games to be called.

Gin Gin Men

Sunday December 30 - social bowls. Winners: D. Stevens, B. Chapman. Sportsman's award - T. Munro, A. Milton.

Upcoming events- Sunday January 6 - social bowls. Saturday January 12 - Men's B-grade singles - A. Warren v K. Fritz, marker - D. Stevens. Sunday January 13 - January birthdays & nominations close for the mixed triples.


Across The Waves

Results for our Irish Bogey played at Bargara on Sunday December 30 are as follows:

Overall winner: Grant Wooldridge +6 c/b.

Runner up: Ian McCloskey +6.

A-grade winner: Gary Hack +5.

B-grade winner: Keith Bsllin +5.

Pin shots golden Circle No 3: J Moore; No 5: G Straker 3.73m, M Darby 7.94m, I Lincoln 9.80m; No 14: J McFarlane 4.37m, G Kelly 5.42m, G Wooldridge 9.21m.

Approach Shots No 8: I McCloskey 1.43m, G Kelly 3.42m, G Straker 5.26m; No 13: G Straker 0.45m, C McMahon 0.89m, G Hack 0.95m.

Next week will be our Monthly Medal Stroke event to be played at Bargara on Sunday 6/1/19. Tee off 6:15AM.

Field out: I Lincoln Field in: G Straker.


Bargara 9 Hole PM

Monday December 24: Winner: John Kluck 21, 2nd: Judy Van Der Walt 22: 3rd: Maureen Hall 26 c/b: 4th: Brian Hart 26 c/b: 5th: Allan Parnell 26 c/b: Next Comp: Monday January 7 : Holes 10 to 18

Bargara Men

Thursday December 27: Comp: Stableford: Winners: Div 1: Keith Warburton 44 Pts: R/Up: Steve List 43 Pts: Div 2: Coben Simpson 48 Pts: R/Up: Bruce Williams 43 Pts c/b:

Eagles: Keith Warburton 13th: Mark Ramsay 12th: Rundown: L Butler, B Tatnell 43, B Tree, A Cooper, I Harvey 42, S Moras, I Lincoln, P Birks (H/Pk), D Henricks, D Birks 41, F Millar, G Rupert, A Worrall 40, Bob Warren, R Macaulay, M Dillon, D Win, I Johnson 39 : Approach No 8: J Sajko 1.10, G Sillars, N Weir, G Campbell, M Dwyer, A Forster 2.92: Approach No 13: K Warburton (In Hole), N Smith, B Pearson (M/Ville), D Banks, C Lovett (Pac), A Cooper 1.42: Pro's Pin No 5: C Moras 1.09, M Martin, A Cooper, I Lincoln, N Weir 7.80: Pro's Pin No 14: I Harvey 1.09, L Butler, B Williams, B Parsons, J Sajko, O May 2.44

Saturday December 29: Comp: 4BBB Stableford: Winners: Col Downie/ Ian White 50 Pts c/b: R/Up: Barry Hunt/ Bryan Casey 50 c/b: Rundown: M Carney/ W Coote 50, D Dangerfield/ S Martell 49, A Klinstrom/ G Klinstrom 48, I Harvey/ B Harvey, P Marschall/ J Murphy, B Atkinson/ G Mann, M Anderson/ C Grundy, R Hunter/ M Panchapakesan 47, C Grundy (Vis)/ S Flanagan, B Nicholls/ D Ryan, D Pickup/ D Watson, D Henricks/C Hale, I McCloskey/ G Sillars 46, M Horswood/ M Paul,

P Wheatley/ H Burden, K Silcox/ A Scherer, K Matthews/ J McLaughlan 45 c/b:

Pinshot No 5: P Stephenson 2.12, C Lovett, B Hunt, A Bainbridge, N Moller, I McCloskey, D Bowman, M Carney, M Anderson, N Weir 6.06: Approach No 10: J McEwan .98, M Hansen, M Paul, S Betts, D Pickup, J Murphy, L Butler, W Jennings, D Batt, A Bainbridge 4.14: Pro's Pin No 3: L Kuorikoski 3.04, D Banks, D Watson, J Murphy, S Bowman, J Sajko, P Johnson, N Rasmussen, M Turner, G Gallagher, N Weir 7.35: Pro's Pin No 14: G Rupert 3.14, C Downie, G Klinstrom, A Bainbridge, M Lister, K Silcox 9.49: Next Comp: Tuesday January 1: Stableford: Thursday January 3: Stableford; Saturday January 5: Stroke Monthly Medal: Sunday January 6: Opening Day Mixed 4BBB Stableford Shot Gun Start 12 noon

Bargara Women

Thursday December 27: Comp: Stableford: Winners: Div 1: Just Grills 41 Pts: Div 2: Jan Fisher 36 Pts: Rundown: B Charters 40, R Edgar 38, R Warren 37, B Fitzgerald 36, J Johnson 35, J Serra, J Milton 34, A Johnson 33, M King, L Collins 32: Approach No 3: J Milton (In Hole), B Studholme, K Gallagher .90: Pro's Approach No 5: J Milton .24, B Studholme, R Edgar 2.17: Pro's Pinshot No 14: J Milton 3.60, B Fitzgerald 4.81: Sat Dec 29: Comp: Stableford: Winners: Div 1: Bettina Scherer 39 Pts: Div 2: Di Hunt 43 Pts: Rundown: C Redshaw, B Charters, E Archibald 37, W Smith, M Zande, R Marxsen 35,S Spaar, S Waddell 34, R Rowe (Yepp), I Artcheua K Nicholls, J Poppelock 32, M Marsden, J McLaughlan 32 c/b: Approach No 3: I Artcheua .24, R Marxsen, J Burton, R Rowe (Yepp), R Picot 2.08: Pro's Approach No 5: J McLaughlan 2.60, S Spaar, K Nicholls, E Archibald 3.21: Pro's Pin No 14: K Marxsen 8.51, R Marxsen, B Scherer : SolarHart Approach: R Marxsen, K Marxsen, J Milton

Next Comp: Tuesday January 1: Stableford: Thursday January 3: Stableford; Saturday January 5: Stableford

Sunday January 6: Opening Day - Mixed 4BBB Stableford Shot Gun Start at noon


Bundaberg Men

Boxing Day competition winner Jaimee Bull 40 points and the runner-up Paul Hoffman (V) 39 ocb. Consolations, B Wheeler 39; K Ackerman, N Weston, T Collins 37; N Hart 36; A Portelli, B Phillips (V), S Wilkinson 35; R Stephens 32; M Hart 30; J Manteit 28; K Stam 27; N Hoffman, R Hart 26; John Manteit (V) 24. Pinshot 2nd K Ackerman 9.90 and the 14th A Portelli 8.74.

Saturday December 29 was a stableford: A-grade won by Shaun Sergiacomi 43 points runner-up Rob Pitt 39 ocb. In B grade the winner Derek James with 41 points from runner-up Tony DeMari 40 ocb. Consolations W Olsen (V) 41; P J Baxter 40; D Cartwright, K Herrmann, D Anderson, Kev Barritt 39; K Stam, R Burton, K Jones 38; T Hall, A Wooldridge, P Zandona, J Zwisler, K Burton, P Skyring, N Dowling, DT Williamson, D Hess 37; P Hamilton, A Jarick, C Daniel 36; C Rowe, A Lovett, R Noffke, W Peake, M Weston, T Collins, P Giles, C Triggs, B Mackinnon 35; R Clark, F Donnelly, L Killer, R Allport, M Doolan, R Maudsley 34 ocb. Club approach on the 3rd K Aslett 4.10 and the 11th P Batt 5.57. Gardeners Golden Circle nearest the pin on the 4th hole J Marrinan 2.77.

Pro's pinshots, 2nd T Hall 0.97, D Anderson, C Rowe, G Wilmott, D Challen, M Doolan, S Sergiacomi 6.20. 4th J Marrinan 2.77, R Wagner, D Williamson, W Peake, G Chandler, Ken Barritt 8.35. 8th M Hess 2.10, D Anderson, J Rach, D Saywell, D Challen, Kev Barritt, T Barbagallo 5.14. 14th T Juillerat 0.94, C Rowe, J Rach, M Doolan, D Gordon, T Hall, A Portelli 4.66.

Competitions this week: Tuesday New Years Day is an Open Stableford Medley, Saturday January 5 bogey and Sunday stableford medley. Have you nominated for the Burnett Cup 2019, first rounds on Saturday and Sunday January 19 and 20. Nominations close at 5pm Wednesday January 16. Opening Day Mixed 4 BBB stableford and overflow on Sunday January 13, hit-off 11.30am, Patron Reg Rowe to hit the first shot for season 2019. Names on the time sheet in the pro. shop.

Upper Crust Cup

Thursday - Upper Crust Cup Backmarker Open Challenge; Men's competition winner was Scott Bretag 67 nett and runner up Callum Tranent 68. All players with 70 nett or better (including competition winners) receive 1 dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls; D Gordon, D Cartwright 69; J McEwan, K Thompson, M Algie, T Hall 70. Consolations: D Cartwright, D Harvey, D Gordon 69; J McEwan, K Thompson, T Hall, M Algie 70; A Whiting, B Hayhoe 71; L Bust, K Aslett, W Peake, S Sergiacomi 72; D James, M Betts 73. Pinshots, 2nd M Doolan 2.72; 4th C Tranent 7.00; 8th C Tranent 0.40; 14th M Betts 2.58.

Ladies competition winner was Mary Shailer 74 nett and the runner-up Beryl Gatt 75. Consolations, S Jarrett, L Schafer 77; K McDonell, L Phillips, R Lay 79; C Herrmann, W Short 80; W McNamara, K McFarlane 82; J Marrinan, C Elphinstone, C Redshaw, K Tischler, E Archibald. Ladies approaches; 2nd B Gatt 2.60; 4th W McNamara 0.33; 8th L Schafer 0.63; 14th S Jarrett, K McDonell 0.20.

Our thanks to Upper Crust Bakery Moore Park & Kensington for their continued generous support of this event. Next Upper Crust day will be Jan 31, 2019.

Sporters Thursday January 3 is a stroke.

Bundaberg Veterans

Veterans golf resumes on Tuesday January 8, shotgun start at 11am.

Bundaberg Women

Saturday winner was Kate McFarlane with 37 points. Consolations L Phillips 35; C Herrmann 34; N Zwisler 31; J Davis, K Rosengreen 28; D Jorgensen 25 ocb.

Competitions this week: Tuesday New Years Day is an Open Stableford Medley, Saturday January 5 bogey and Sunday stableford medley. Opening Day Mixed 4 BBB stableford and overflow on Sunday January 13, hit-off 11.30am, Patron Reg Rowe to hit the first shot for season 2019. Names on the time sheet in the Pro. Shop.


Competitions and events coming up:

Tuesday, January 1, 2019, New Year's Day, noon if there are numbers

Saturday, January 5, B.B.B & V Single Stableford, 12.30pm.

Early Notice: Special General Meeting is on January 19 at 11am to discuss and decide the following motion: "that the Management Committee be increased by the addition of a Men's Vice Captain and a Women's Vice Captain, as approved at the Annual General Meeting, December 1, 2018, also confirming the election of Clinton and Fiona Dowling respectively to those positions.”

Juniors, In recess



Single Division

Winner: Ray Walker 40 points

Runner up: Vicki McAulay 38 points C/.B

Third: Chris Simpson 38 points C/B

Rundowns Len Stallard 38 points

Ken Albion 37 points

Craig Reynolds 36 points

Pinshots & Approaches

1 & 10 Men's B Division Approach Phil Pearce 1.46m

Ladies' Approach Kerry Schnack 0.17m

4 & 13 Men's A Division Pinshot Craig Reynolds 2.61m

Men's B Division Approach Jeff Freeman 1.88m


Friday December 28 - Chook run

Winner: Bevan Vowles 21, 2nd Place: Jim Redshaw 21 c/b

Saturday December 29 - Stableford

Winner: Jim Redshaw 39, 2nd Place: David Doyle 38

Run down: Ian Hazel 37, Bevan Vowles 36, Peter Schoch 34, Len Fox 31

NTP 10: Ian Hazel 5.15, NTP 11: Bevan Vowles 1.46, APP 18: No Winners

This Coming Week:

January 2, Monthly Medal, Stroke

January 3, Over 50's Social Group

January 4, Chook Run 9 hole Stableford - Social Players welcome

January 5, Monthly Medal, Stroke

January 7, Ladies 9 hole Comp, Over 50's Social Group

From January 1 - AGU Membership $305, Free Green Fees Membership $565 and Social Membership $205

We have Reciprocal Rights to all AGU Members.

Free practice fairway with balls provided free of charge open seven days a week form 6am.

For any information on any events, call Oakwood Park Golf Course 41520659, email:


Results for Sunday December 30

Played at -Bundaberg Golf Club,

Event - Monthly Medal Stroke

Winners: A-grade - S Enever 66

Winners: B-grade - T Lee 71

Runners up: A-grade - G Wilmott 68

Runners up: B-grade - M Verdell 71.5

Front 9 - A Quinn 31 Back 9 - A Kirchner 35 C/B

Putts - L Bust 27

Pin Shots - 2nd T Walker, 4th T Walker, 8th S Enever, 14th K Spencer, 17th S Enever

O/25 - 4th L Tronc

Approach Shots - 9th M Verdell, 12th A Kirchner , 18th T Lee

O/25 - 17th L Tronc

Next Sunday - Bundaberg M/Medal Stroke

Feds allocate $2.5m to Isis cane rail project

premium_icon Feds allocate $2.5m to Isis cane rail project

Up to 20 people are expected to be employed during construction