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ON THE GREENS: Bowls and golf results


The Waves Ladies

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen.

We are back to playing bowls and enjoying friendship.

Our first playing day for 2017 will be this Friday February 3 - our Friendship Day.

As always visitors and men are welcome.

Please ring the Club on 41535644 by 12.30pm Friday. Play starts at 1pm as usual.

Play under the shades and have a wonderful day of bowls on the best greens in town.

Please bring a friend for their enjoyment.

The Waves Men

The Across the Waves AGM will be held in the clubhouse on February 18 commencing at 10am followed by a BBQ lunch and Bowls.

Wednesday 25/01/2017 - social bowls

Winners: C. Stark, T. Townson and M. Tobin

Runners up: N. Jarvis, T. Quail and N Hall

Sports people: T. Arvidsson, R. Keating and C. Toft

Saturday 21/01/2017 - social bowls

Winners: J. Giovannoni and R. Fry

Sports people: D. Mitchell and F. Dewhurst

Competition results

Open Singles - M. Tobin, W. O. F.

Open Pairs - D. McCracken and J. Andrewartha defeated K. Bayntun and G. Charteris,

T. Quail and N. Hall defeated G. Hardigan and R. Machan, T. Smith and I. McMah defeated

V. Mallett and B. McNamee, T. Arvidsson and B. McMah defeated T. Barnes and B. Naumann

Call for Saturday 4/02/2017

Open Singles - T. Arvidsson V R. Fry, T. Townson V K. Dargusch, G. Ayrton V N. Hall, D. Stanton V T. Barns

Open Fours - B. McMah, D. McCracken, T. Smith and I. McMah V B. Leibie, B. Peardon, B. Conmey and Romeo.

Wednesday's and Saturday's - Men's, Ladies or Mixed Men are welcome to play on Ladies Day.

Friday's coaching is available Contact V. Mallet on 41516309

Any bowls enquiries contact R. King on 4152 2797 or on mobile 0455 476 868

Bargara Ladies

Thanks to all the ladies who supported Friendship Day. Cancer Council very happy with monies that we raised on that day.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 our Championship Fours start.

As you are all aware the draw has been put up on the Ladies Board for you all to check.

Games the ladies playing at 9am are:- Jean Novak, Julie Dunn, Nola Mickle, Suzanne Kington v Cath Hunter, Val Kohn, Wendy Pankhurst, Wendy Hooker. Val Norris, Judy Cummins, Julie McNally, Adele Pershouse v Bev Watt, Anne McNamee, Di McCarthy, Judy Everett. Carly Rojahn, Vicky Powell, Chris Arnold, Ann Press v Joy Dahl, Rhonda Ogden, Judy Goldsworthy, Marcia Nicol. J. Schumacher, P. Andrew, V. Reitzenstein, Jess Cannon v Joan Bartlett, Lesley Robinson, Julia Fagg, Lenna Lynch. B. Manwarring, Rosalie Lind, Wendy Campbell, Sandra Burgess v Jan Waugh, Helen Stewart, Sandy Bianchi, Kay Cook.

Afternoon Games at 1pm. Sally-Anne Russell, Bev Birditt, Jenny Hearn, Tulu Chippendale v Gayle Blakeman, Joan Bradford, Fay Parker, Linda Munch. Suzanne Smith, Kate Almond, Wendy Collins, June Hillier v winner of morning match. Thanks Ladies.

Bargara Men

Monday - Turkey pairs: 1pm - Prizes, raffles & jackpot

Wednesday night - Barefoot Bowls: All welcome 6:30pm

Thursday pairs - 1pm start - Prizes & raffles

Sunday social open pairs - 1pm prizes

Free coaching Saturday from 9am. All welcome

Monday - Turkey pairs 23/1/17

Winners - Rocky Murdaca & Kelvin Appo

Runners Up - Bert Hardstaff & Barry McDermott

Won 1st Game - Peter Press &Ken Galvin

Won 2nd Game - Ross Hoiberg & Alan Arnold

Lucky Sporters - Horst Priost & Sandy Wilson

Thursday - Australia Day - Mixed triples

Winners - Paul & Sandy Bianchi, Kelvin Appo

Runner up - Peter Press, John Bryant & John Nowell

Sunday - Social bowl results - 29/1/17 - Mixed pairs

Winners - Baz Ross & Beau Mark.

Runners up - Kate & Alan Almond

Sports people - Lesley Robinson & A. Maitiazzi

Results of 2017 Men's Pairs Championships

John & Jim See, Nick Cahill and Paul Kajewski defeated John Andrews, Ash Powell, Des Ivans & Greg Cahill.

Brothers Ladies

Leprechaun Fours Carnival: Wednesday March 22 nominations are now being accepted.

Trophy Winners: C. Darlington, S. Squires

Sports persons: J. Kronenburg, P. Honor, B. O'Keefe, M. Roberts.

Competition Results: The awesome four have won the Championship Fours final again J. Dingle, G. Riley (sub), D. Schmidt, J. Mallett, L. Donaldson defeating M. Higginbotham, K. Sunner, Y. Jensen (sub for M Koschenow), L. Morris. Well done to both teams on a very close game with six shots the difference. Thank you John for umpiring.

Due to popular demand the Championship Pairs will close March 15 and round one will be played March 29.

Competition: Nominations for B Grade Pairs are open and will close and be drawn February 8. Round one will be played on February 15.

Social Bowls fare on for the next two weeks with everyone welcome to play. Please put your name on the sheet provided or phone 4152 7340 by 12.15pm for 1pm start. Pay green fees by 12.45pm.

Coming Event: AGM Monday 20 February 1.30pm start in the John Byrne Event Centre formerly the Shamrock Room.

Brothers Men

Thursday January 26 -Winners - R. Harrison, L. Morris, N. Mooney - Sports person.- A. Juvelacas, L. Steemson--- Sunday 29th.- Winners- J. Schmidt, L. Young, J. Hampson- Sports person - C. Darlington, B. O'Keefe, N. Hempseed. -

Results for Championship Singles

Saturday January 28 -T . McCrystal def P. Sunner.- H. Dingle def. L. Farmer- R. Lowndes def N. Hempseed. - D. Ing def. W. Seawright.

Draw for Saturday February 4.--- T. McCrystal vs. H. Dingle,- D. Ing vs R. Lowndes, - C. McArthur vs J. Dawes, - W. Druce vs L. Poulsen.--Markers- N. Hempseed, L. Farmer, J. Lucy, L. Young-Umpire, D. McAuliffe.- Our playing days are Thursday , Saturday, and Sunday starting at 1pm.

On playing days ring 41527340 between 11.30am and 12.15pm to get your name on the sheet. The AGM is set down for February 13. Nominations forms for committee positions are available on the notice board now.

Bundaberg Ladies

On Friday the 27th we began our year with our annual Friendship Day. On this day we donated $300 to Care Flight (QLD).

We like to support this worthwhile cause as some of our members have had to use their service. Although our numbers for this day were down (probably due to the extremely hot weather) we still had a good afternoon of bowling.

Results for the day are as follows:- J. Reed, Roley Moisel and C. Marcinkus defeated D. Dolan, S. Gastaldon and J. Burmeister. J. Barrett, G. Roberts and Trevor Ogden from Easts Club defeated Ann Richardson from Brothers, G. Elworthy and B. Elworthy. Fay Burgess (Across the Waves), E. Angove, E. Penny defeated J. Wilkie, L. Scougall and D. Francis.

Next Friday at 10am our AGM will be held in the clubhouse.

This is a good time for members to voice their opinions on any aspect of our club and the game of bowls. All members are asked to attend and bring along a plate of goodies for lunch after the meeting.

Competition nominations will be open before the games begins on Friday, so get your teams together and get your nominations in as soon as possible please.

If you are visiting Bundaberg, please don't hesitate to come in and join our members for a game. We play mixed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays (which is also Ladies playing day) and Saturday afternoons. Please phone the club for details on 41513183 or John Clough on 41515432 or Kay Ole on 41536960 for any further details.

Bundaberg Men

Weeks Results:- Tuesday Winners: D. Howden J. Clough. Sportsmen: R. Moisel, G. Stewart. Thursday $420 day sponsored by Takalvans Caravans. Winners: Samson Green, B. Hofstetter, Bluey G. Ayrton. Runners Up: H. Spark,e E .Hopton, J. Scougall. Sportsmen: Christine, V. Jarvis, N. Jarvis. Federation Green Winners: J. Killen, M. Stumbles, B. Parnell. Runners Up: T. Kemp, T. Seawright, J. Kemp. Sportsmen: S. White, E. Penny, J. Carter. Saturday Winners: R. Ribbans, F. Mellerick. Sportsmen: V. Stewart, W. George.

Selectors - Tuesday: R. Ribbans, Thursday: L.Nielsen, Saturday: J. Craig.

Coming Events - Tuesday January 31: social bowls. Thursday February 2: Birthday Boys, self selected pairs, good prize money. Saturday February 4: social bowls. Tuesday February 7: $420 Day sponsored by Amalgamated Pest Control.

This a new event, open triples, so names please on sheet at the club. Skips responsible for own team. Playing Days - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Ladies play Friday. Phone the club 41513183 or John 41515432 . Visitors and Ladies welcome.

Burnett Ladies

A big welcome to our new Committee for this year. President Trish Andrew, Vice President Ros Horwell, Secretary Sue Petterson, Assistant Secretary Decima Dingle, Finance Officer Daphne McCracken, Assistant Finance Officer Amy Cummings, Games Director Judy Bedford, Assistant Games Director Liz Strachan.

Our first mini cent sale for the year will be held tomorrow - Wednesday February 1. Nominations are now open for the Championship Fours. Team to be put on envelope and placed in box. Close date is tomorrow Wednesday February 1 and drawn after bowls with the first round to be played on Wednesday February 8 at 1pm and the second round to be played on Friday February 10 at 1pm. Ladies trials for selection for District team will be held on Friday February 3 at 9am at the Burnett Bowls Club.

Nominations are open for our Fours For Masters to be held on Wednesday March 15. Nominations can be emailed to Judy Bedford at or telephone 0409622067 or the Club 41514217. Social bowls will be played tomorrow Wednesday February 1. Names in by 12.30pm and play to start at 1pm. Social Selectors: Judy Bedford & Liz Strachan

Burnett Men


Tuesday January 24

Winners: G. Rosmalen, A. Warner, Pug

1st Runner Up: T. Seawright, W. Seawright, J. Kemp

2nd Runner Up: G. Hewitt, A. Nielsen

3rd Runner Up: P. Gordon, B. Brown, C. Gorrie

1st Sportsman: F. Bygrave, G. McCracken, R. Trevor

2nd Sportsman: K. Sinclair, J. Bawden.

Friday Night January 27

Winner: John, Ian

Runner Up: G. Murray, G. Dewing

Sportsman: Janda, Annette.

Friday January 27

Winner: G. Hewitt, Gary

1st Runner Up: G. McCracken, B. Pownell

2nd Runner Up: A. Warner, A. Vinegrad

Sportsman: B. Cullen, N. Cullen.

Saturday January 28

Winner: O. Newman, A. Nielsen

Sportsman: W. McCurley, K. Dufty.

Wide Bay Challenge - Burnett 7 rinks defeated Hervey Bay 0.

Events this week

Visitors most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the club on 4151 4217.

Tuesday January 31 - Open pairs names by 12.15pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm please. Start 1pm. Casual neat dress.

Thursday Night February 2 - "Barefoot Bowls” under the lights for beginners and experienced bowlers. Here's a great way to enjoy a fun filled night, and a chance at "Pick the Joker” which will be $771+ this week. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Casual neat dress. Names by 6pm Start 6.30 pm.

Friday February 3 - $200 Open Pairs - Men's, Ladies or Mixed. 1pm start. Nomination sheet at the club. The jackpot will be $130 this week. Players must be present to win the jackpot.

Saturday February 4 - Competition B Grade Triples 1pm start. G. Murray, G. Dewing, M. Jeffs v D. Perrott, G. Hewitt, H. Abdy; R. Gibson, G. Nicholson, A. Darlinson v S. Todd, M. Todd, J. Todd. Play, Sub or Forfeit. Social Bowls Open Pairs Names by 12.15pm. Green fees paid by 12.45pm please. Start 1pm.

Coming Events

Nominations are open for the following club competitions: Open singles, pairs, triples and fours with nominations closing on February 11. All nomination sheets are on the noticeboard at the club.

Tuesday February 4 - $600 Open Three Bowl Triples

East Bundaberg

TUESDAY 24/01/17

Winners: B. Baillie, I. Quartermain

Runners-up: H. Mosley, W. Walliss

Sportsmen: P. Wilson, T. Van Leeuwen

FRIDAY 27/01/17

Winners: C. Thornton, C. Machan, D. O'Neall

Runners-up: J. Bird, P. MacAnalan, W. Brown

SUNDAY 29/01/17

Winners: Joyce Davis, B. Guppy, I. Quartermain

Runners-up: G. Finsen, P. Brodie, J. Boyle

Sportsmen: C. Johnson, V. Jarvis, L. Charteris


Sunday February 5 - AGM - 8:15am with bowls to follow


Tuesday & Friday 12:30 for 1:00pm.

Sunday 9am for 9:30am start.

For information phone Peter 0427 124 355 or Coral 4151 4284. All welcome.

Free coaching and bowls on loan.

Bowls club phone number 0498 952 616

Elliott Heads Ladies

Friendship Day Thursday February 2. Ladies, men, bowlers, and non bowlers, all welcome. Play to commence at 1pm please have names in by 12.15pm. Phone 41596167. Lady members are asked to bring a small gift for our multi draw raffle and a plate to share for afternoon tea. Nominations also being taken for Championship fours, pairs and singles. Sheets on the board. Lets get back into the swing of bowls. Don't forget Sunday bowls are still on commencing at 2pm during summer. Selectors Thursday Febraury 2: V. McMah & M. Clark. Sunday February 5. C. Kidner & M. Clark.

Elliott Heads Men

Results: Wednesday January 25: Winners - R. Skinner & C. Beckmann. Sportsman: S. Anderson & C. Johnston. Scroungers Friday January 27: Rink Winners: A. Gill & G. Jeppesen. Overall Winner: G. Jeppesen. Competition Results Saturady January 28: Semi Final Championsip fours: A. Gill, R. Doran, G. Jeppesen & C. Keirnan def W. McMah, R. Johnson, W. Francis & B. Kemp. R. Shield, W. Evans, C. Beckmann & N. Ahern def S. Anderson, G. Porteous, P. Anderson & R. Johnston. Competition Call for Saturday February 11 - 1pm final championship fours: C. Keirnan V N. Ahern. Coming Events: Wednesday February 1 & Saturday February 4: Social Pairs Mufti 1pm start all welcome. Wednesday February 8: $330 Open Triples teams or single entries welcomed. Selectors Wednesday & Saturday - Rod

Gin Gin Ladies

Results From Thursday January 26, Australia Day Bowls sponsored by D & A Sinden, the day was well supported with 44 players. Winners of the Day were G. Partridge, A. Warren & R. Wedel. Runners Up were M. Brennan, Y. Mills & D. Wooldridge. Sportsman's award went to K. Fritz, A. Bust & B. Dunstan.

Call for Wednesday February 1 - 11am Ladies Meeting, 1pm Championship Fours - R1, Team 1 - M. Brennan, M. Leather, Y. Mills & T. Zimitat vs Team 2 - K. Wylie, L. Marshall, P. Rebeck & H Cappetta. Team 3 - A. Cenita, B. Dunstan, P. Sellers & F. Debono vs Team 4 - C. Manderson, T. Munro, G. Stallan & B. Stevens. Mixed social bowls names in by 12.30 please, selector G Stallan.

Gin Gin Men

Results from Saturday January 28 - Men's Championship Rinks R2 - M. Bust, G. Jensen, R. Manderson & D. Stevens def B. Flanders, A. Stevens, P. Stallan & D. Sinden. F. Munro, B. Rossitt, D. Wooldridge & A. Porter def J. Leather, J. Mills, J. Cappetta (sub A Bust) & A. Warren. Winners of the day were F. Munro, B. Rossitt, D. Wooldridge & A. Porter. Sportsman's award went to B. Flanders, A. Stevens, P. Stallan & D. Sinden. Sunday 29th - 12 bowlers: T. Munro, P. Sellers & D. Wooldridge def M. Wooldridge, G. Page & B. Sellers. R. Bellett, J. Manderson & B. Dunstan def T. Zimitat, G. Jensen & B. Payne, Winners of the Day were T. Munro, P. Sellers & D. Wooldridge. Sportsman's award went to M. Wooldridge G. Page & B. Sellers.

Call for Saturday February 4 - Final of the Men's Rinks - M. Bust, G. Jensen, R. Manderson & D. Stevens vs F. Munro, B. Rossitt, D. Wooldridge & A. Porter - draw for the Men's Pairs and Social Bowls. Sunday February 5 - Birthdays every one welcome names in by 12.30 please. Play at 1pm.

Moore Park Beach Ladies


We had 40 players last week on our Friendship Day and a great day was had by bowlers and non bowlers.

Lucky Numbers winners; M. Carney, R. Fryer, L. Lovatt.

Day Winners; M. Carney, E. Horneman, Losers; J. Nicholls, D. Millar, D. Franklin.

Championship Fours; C. McClelland, F. Northover, B. Trudgian, P. Rush def B. Klaassen, A. Nathan, R. Chandler, J. Mizzi.

Call for games to be played. These games are being played to fit in with players.

Today at 10am - R. Fryer, D. Wingard, P. Scott, D. Franklin vs I. Lovatt, S. Jardine, T. Adams, C. Strowger.

02/02/17 - F. Constable, P. Fox, M. Jackson, A. Williamson vs M. Errington, J. Noll, J. Classen, A. McMahon.

Today is also Birthday Girls luncheon.

Anyone not playing in Championship Fours it would be greatly appreciated if you can play your first pairs game and get that out of the way.

Selectors Box today. A.Williamson, J. Classen

Feb 7th. D. Franklin, F. Constable.

Produce Table today. M. Hawkins, J. Noll

Feb 7th. C. Strowger, G. Smith.

Just a note that Moore Park won against Burrum Heads in Wide bay Challenge.

Moore Park Beach Men


Thursday January 26 - Trophy Winners - Bob Trudgian, J. Gaffney, Runners up - J. McQuirk, A. Ferrara

Jackpot of $175 not won by G. Hicks

Saturday January 28 - Taylor Wide Bay Classic Division 2 - Moore Park Beach defeated Burrum Heads 4 rinks to 3 at Burrum Heads.

Sunday January 29 - Semi Final Men's Open Fours - G. Mizzi, J. Kemp, D. Rowatt, M. Mizzi D B. Northover, K. Brown, B. Harris, G. Skelly

Thursday February 2 - Men's and mixed pairs

Saturday February 4 - Mixed bowls

Sunday February 5 - Mixed bowls

Competition called Sun 05 Feb - 1.00pm

1st round Men's Open Pairs

S. Carney, D. Fox v A. Ferrara, W. Barnett; J. Abel, team v B. Northover, D. Rowatt; P. Todd, G. Errington v L. Browne, A. Carney; B. Harris, K, Brown v G. Mizzi, M. Mizzi; B. Chandler, G. Hicks v Bob Trudgian, A. Strowger; S. Fryer, B. Nathan v G. Eldridge, G. Skelly


Our next QRI morning is this coming Sunday February 5. Cal Wills and Ken Mitchell are our sponsors for this day. We will be playing mixed pairs. Names are to be in by 9am with play starting at 9.30am. The sheet is now out at the Burnett Bowls Club. Bundaberg QRI members send their condolences to Amy and Danny for the passing of Amy's Sister-In-Law, who passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Past Presidents

The first committee meeting for 2017 is Saturday February 11.

All nominations for the State Carnival to be held in Hervey Bay must be received by secretary Gary Jackson by Friday February 10.

Our ATW game is Tuesday Feb 14th [Valentines day] with a 5:30pm BBQ and 6:30pm game. Hope the weather is kind to all players.

Date Claimer: Sunday March 12 for Ivan Stockwell Memorial Trophies and that's always a great way to honour Ivan's memory.


The Waves

Results for our Irish Bogey played at Bargara on 29/1/17 are as follows:

Overall Winner: Ian McCloskey 15+.

Runner Up: Ellis Blackburn 10+ c/b.

A Grade Winner: Gary Hack 3+.

B Grade Winner: Scott Hunter 10+.

Pin Shots Golden Circle No 3: Rosco McNeilly; No 5: I Lincoln 3.94m, R McNeilly 5.14m, I McCloskey 5.98m; No 14: G Hack 0.51m, I McCloskey 0.67m, R McNeilly 10.75m.

Approach Shots No 8: G Hack 6.30m, G Findlay 10.38m; No 15: I McCloskey 4.40m, G Findlay 6.73m.

Next week will be a Monthly Medal stroke event played at Bargara on Sunday 05/02/17. Tee off 6:15am (ish). Field out: I Lincoln Field In: G Straker.

Bargara Chicken Run

Friday January 27: Women: L Mackey 19 Pts; C Mason 18: Men: P Casey 28 Pts, B Tryhorn, R Harbert 22, P Haley, T Spruce 21, J Deering 20, B Hart 19 (Draw): Next Comp: Friday February 3: Holes 1 to 9

Bargara Men

Thursday January 26: Comp: Stableford: Winners: Div 1: Gary Bland 42 Pts c/b; R/Up: John Antrobus 42 Pts: Div 2: Mick Dwyer 42 Pts; R/Up: Anthony Dunphy 41 Pts c/b; Eagle: Dave Robinson 12th : Rundown: K Matthews 41, B Joyce 40, D Bowman, R Jackson 39, D Robinson, J Murphy, C Wake, T Bradbury, S Lindsay, N McNamara, M Horswood, B Durnford, J McLaughlan, D McKean 38

Approach No 8: A Bainbridge .33, S Lindsay, P Johnson, J McLaughlan, J Antrobus, M Horswood 1.72: Approach No 13: P Stephenson 1.39, P Johnson, B Philip, G Bland, A Bainbridge, C Hale 2.39: Pro's Pin No 5: C Wake 3.71, A Dunphy, D Birks, B Joyce, R Austin, P Wheatley, L Dederer 5.04: Pro's Pin No 14: M Dillon (4338) 3.87, D Banks, D Bowman, L Jones, A Dumphy, A Hopp, B Durnford, J Murphy, C Wake 10.75

Sat Jan 28: Comp: Stableford: Winners: A Gr: Neale Curd 40 Pts; B Gr: Paul Wheatley 45 Pts; C Gr: Ian Burton 41: Rundown: W McNee 41, N Paige, K Drady, M Lister, G Ezzy 40, G Warham, A Forster, A Bainbridge 39, D Banks, P Curd, S Perkins. K Matthews, E Nankivell, J Sajko 38, J Curd, M Dinsey, R Wagner, H Burden, C Wake, G Mogridge, M Bauer 37

Pinshot No 5: D Robinson 1.05, I Burton, C Wake, A Forster, N Curd, H Burden, B McLeod, J Antrobus, G Bland, J Limpus 9.98: Approach No 10: C Moras 2.50, P Wheatley, J Antrobus, A Bainbridge 7.96: Pro's Pin No 3: L Ulcoq 2.05, W Kleidon, S Peacock, B Swart, B Ulcoq, J Curd, N Curd, D Somers, Dale O'Brien, G Rupert 10.60: Pro's Pin No 14: G Warham 1.71, I Sinclair, B Rumsey, D Banks. I White,

Denis O'Brien, R Rehbein, M Anderson, G Rupert 10.50: Next Comp: Thursday February 2: Stableford; Saturday the 4th: Stroke - Rd 1 G L Buss Memorial - Start of Men's Saturday Eclectic

Bargara Veterans

Tuesday January 24: Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsored by Carlyle Gardens Retirement Village: Women: Div 1: Robyn Robinson 73; R/Up: Rhonda Mellor (Emer); Div 2: Janet McLaughlan 70; R/Up: Christine Tholstrup 72; Div 3: Margaret King 72; R/Up: Jan Fisher 74: Gross: Div 1: Kerry Gallagher 88; Div 2: Christine Tholstrup 95 c/b; Div 3: Maureen Hall 106: Rundown: B Brabon 73: Approach No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: K Gallagher .08; Div 2: E Kerr 1.80 : Approach No 13 Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management: Div 1: L Burton/ L Lanyon (In Hole); Div 2: J Oxer .22: Pro's Approach No 5: J Brown (In Hole), W Ricketts, L Burton, L Lanyon, M Hall 1.86: Pro's Pinshot No 14: J Fisher 5.05, J McLaughlan, C Atherton, L Stephens, C Tholstrup 16.91

Men: Div 1: John Archibald 69 c/b; R/Up: Gary Bland 69; Div 2: Trevor Plant 67; R/Up: Bazza Tryhorn 68; Div 3: Dennis Somers 67; R/Up: Ray Harbert 69;Div 4: Barry Inglis 66; R/Up: Ken Evans 67: Gross: Div 1: David Robinson 81; Div 2: Trevor Plant 84; Div 3: Denis Somers 88; Div 4: Barry Inglis 93: Rundown: C Harford 68, D Birks, G Bland 69 c/b: Pinshot No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: M Turner 2.64; Div 2: J Gardiner 3.11: Approach No 13: Sponsored by Wide Bay Burnett Pest Management: Div 1: L Jones 2.13; Div 2: I Smallwood 1.22; Pro's Pin No 5: K O'Shannessy 1.67, F Donnelly, B Philip, G Bland, D Somers,

G Kennedy, B Davern 7.96: Pro's Pin No 14: R Austin 2.95, K O'Shannessy, A Mellor (Vis), A Almond, P O'Neill, M Dwyer, G Craig 7.56: Next Comp: Tuesday 31st: Men, Women. Mixed American Foursomes Sponsored by Palm Lake Resort

Wednesday Sporters

Wednesday January 25: 12 Hole Winner: Greg Mahoney 41; R/Up: Pat Dalton 41: 1st Six: Greg McLeod 19 ½; 2nd Six: Rory Jackson 20 ½; R/Up: Ron Smith 21: Gross: Russ Macaulay 51; Birdies: Russ Macaulay 3 Putts: Greg Weekes 16: Pinshot: P Rogers 2.24, M Kirchner, N Paige, Ben Warren: Approach: R Macaulay, T Johnson, P Curd, M Kirchner: Lucky Draw: Mark Kirchner

Bargara Women

Thursday January 26: Comp: Stableford: Winners: Div 1: Michelle Marsden 37 Pts c/b; Div 2: Margaret King 51 Pts: Eagle: Joan Milton 6th - Congratulations: Rundown: J Holmes, J Smith 38, J Serra, J Milton 37, B Scherer 35, M Wharley, M Tatnell 34 c/b; Approach No 3: J Milton .63: Pro's Approach No 5: M Marsden .39, R Robinson 1.52: Pro's Pinshot No 14: W Ricketts 1.86, J Milton 4.78

Saturday January 28: Comp: Stableford: Winners: Kathy Nelson 45 Pts; Div 2: Di Hunt 41 Pts;

Rundown: B Ulcoq, J Thomas 39, M Marsden, J Caflisch 38, M Taylor, R Robinson 37, S Reed, K McDonnell 36: Approach No 3: K Nelson .52, J Burton, D Hunt, B Ulcoq 1.95; Pro's Approach No 5: M Marsden .95, J Brown, B Scherer 1.49: Pro's Pin No 14: S Reed 4.15, J Thomas, M Taylor, D Hunt 7.67: Next Comp: Thurs Feb 2nd: Stableford; Sat 4th: Stroke Monthly Medal

Bundaberg Men

Australia Day celebrations and golf on Thursday - a good day was had by all. The 2 ball ambrose competition winners on the day David Snodgrass and Kerry Sonntag with 61¾. Runners-up Craig Lutz and David Cartwright 62 and 2nd runners-up Rob Hardie and Greg Michael 62½ nett. Consolations K Spencer J Butler 62¾; T Hall W Chalmers, W and T Olsen 63¾; L and T Sutton 64; R Elworthy W Barritt, C Gibbons P Hutchieson 64½; D Obst K Ackerman 64¾; N Weston N Shaw 65; P Dowling L Phillips, C Swift P Hamilton 65¼; M Higham S Shirley 65½; D and A Leet 65¾. Approach 7th P Hutchieson 4.30 and the 12th C McFarlane 1.18. Pro's pinshots, 2nd J Gibbs 3.94, D Obst, M Stuchbery 6.50. 4th K Groves 3.98, L Bust, M Stuchbery, J Gibbs, P Hutchieson 6.47. 8th P Hamilton 1.68, D Turner, B McCosh, L Bust, M Higham, I Ngaki 4.34. 14th L Sutton .69,P Hamilton, R Elworthy, K Sonntag, C Martin, K Ackerman 2.30.

Saturday competition won by Paul Brandon 43 points runner-up Lyal O'Shanesy 39 . Consolations T Tempest 37; A Pashley 36; M Dyson, R Dunn, B Ives, I Webb 35; M Atherton, J Curtin, B Druitt, G Hunt 34; J Berry, D Cartwright, E Martin, Kev Barritt, P Busch, D Challen, K Grayson, N Brauer, G Wilmott 33. Congratulation Charles Triggs for his hole-in-one on the 8th hole, well done Charlie. Approach 7th Ken Barritt 4.26 and the 13th G Rieck 2.76. Pro's pinshots, 2nd P Johnson 2.98, G Kruger, S Whiting, P Busch, L O'Shanesy 9.80. 4th S Whiting 1.91, G Rieck, P Johnson, C Grotaers, W Ives, L Robinson, S Busch, D Crowley 8.86. 8th C Triggs Hole-in-one, R Hussey, B Gesch, K Aslett, T DeMari, W Ives, M Hess 6.68. 14th R Howard .85, D Anderson, M Atherton, J Davis, M Gee, I Webb, N Cook, J Berry, D Green, K Thompson, A Rich, A Leet

Saturday was the first round of the 2017 DGZ Financial Planning Burnett Cup. Results, N Weston C McFarlane def D Gordon D Leet 5/4; D Anderson W Olsen def J Perry R Zielke 3/1; B McCosh J Best def C Swift P Hamilton 3/2; M Haster K Thompson def D Obst K Ackerman 3/2; P Johnson, Bga D Pickup, Bga def T Hall W Chalmers 2/1; B Pole C Daniel def B Wooldridge R Howard 2/1; R Hardie T Fichera def R Noffke R Hussey 1 up;

D Caflisch, Bga B Blinco, Bga def D Snodgrass, Bga K Sonntag 2 up; F McCosh B Lester def N and K Beeston; K Herrmann D Petersen def S McGoldrick D Tronc 4/3; S Whiting N Cook def G Loveday R Ezzy 19th; G and A Klintstrom, Bga def L Bust C Grotaers 19th; T McLeod M Weston def R Hatt R Asnicar 8/7; N Stitt B Gesch def A and J Wooldridge 4/3; M Hess T Mooney def D Davis, Oak P Fagg, Oak 7/6; R Wagner N Shaw def M Gee G Chandler 2/1; W Peake S Shirley def L and T Sutton 2 up; K and R Burton, Oak def P Batt A Lovett 4/2; P Green CC G Kruger CC def D Martin CC R Shailer CC 6/5; A Portelli J Muller def G Rieck J Kitchen 4/3; K and S Aslett def R Grills B Prossliner 2 up.

Sunday January 29 was the 2nd round of the DGZ Financial planning Burnett Cup and the first round of the Peter Hitchcock Memorial Plate. Cup: D Caflisch Bga B Blinco Bga def R Hardie T Fichera 3/2; K & R Burton Oak def P Green CC G Kruger CC 19th; M Hess T Mooney def N Stitt B Gesch 4/2; T McLeod M Weston def G and A Klintstrom Bga on the 20th hole; B McCosh J Best def M Haster K Thompson 4/3; Plate D Davis Oak P Fagg Oak def A and J Wooldridge 1 up; P Batt A Lovett def D Martin CC R Shailer CC 6/4; R Noffke R Hussey Oak def D Snodgrass Bga K Sonntag 7/5; R Hatt R Asnicar def L Bust C Grotaers 2/1; C Swift P Hamilton def D Obst K Ackerman 2 up.

Competitions this week-end: Saturday February 4 the 3rd round of the cup and the 2nd of the plate, draw and times on the time sheet in the pro. shop. The overflow competition is a bogey. Sunday February 5 is a stableford medley also Biggenden Men's Open Day, nominations close Wednesday February 1.

Bundaberg Veterans

Tuesday Men's winner Bill Pole 39 points and the Ladies Helen Hannah 37 points. Run-down, E Martin, R Wilson 36; K Tischler 33. Men's pro. pinshot on the 4th D Hingston 4.59, G Hunt, G McCracken 15.10. Men's club pinshot 14th R Macinnes 3.60, B Pole 5.00. Men's club approach 17th J Curtin, J Berry 1.80. Ladies pro's approach 4th A Chalmers .53, J Davis, B Dummer, Miriam Newman 1.72. Ladies club approach 8th C Wright .39, K Tischler .41 and the ladies club approach on the 17th A Chalmers .66, Miriam Newman 1.72.

The competition to-day is a stableford, field G McCracken W Pole, cards Mi Newman. Our official opening day for the 2017 season is Tuesday February 7, 4 BBB stableford, draw for partners.

Bundaberg Women

Saturday January 28, trophies on the day donated by Rae Canniffe and Peg Vessey. Division 1 Kim Groves 34 points and division 2 Val Nixon 33 c/back. Run-down J Davis, L Schafer 33; M McQuire 32; H Hannah, Maureen Newman, L Finsen, L Loveday 31; A Leet 30.

Competitions this week, Wednesday stroke, start of eclectic, trophies by Crofton Street Pharmacy, Campbell Gradon, cards A Chalmers, raffle K Tischler and Saturday is also a stroke, trophies by the club, start of eclectic. .

Sunday February 5 is the start of the 2017 Ladies Burnett Cup sponsored by DGZ Chartered Accountants, draw and times on Wednesday February 1.

Bundaberg Ex ADF and Associates Golf Club

Date: 25th Jan 2017

Venue: Bargara Golf Course

Game: 2 Person Ambrose

Winners: Maxx Baxter & Ron Bowes 61.75 nett

1st Runners Up: Jim Redshaw & Paul Casey 65 nett

2nd Runners Up: Bob Vanharskamp & Russel Maudsley 68.5 nett

Pin Shot: Maxx Baxter

Approach Shot: Ross Hussey

The venue of our next game for 2017 is at the Oakwood Park Golf Course, hitting off 8.00 am Wednesday February 1 playing a Single Stroke for our February Monthly Medal. Players can now start paying advanced instalments for our first Golf Trip for 2017 going to Maryborough, Tin Can Bay and Hervey Bay (March 27 to 29) .

Coral Cove

Veterans Results

24/01/2017 par Score

Winner Ray Bartlett 66

Runner Up James Patterson 67 C/B

3rd place Glen Hart 67

4th place Wally Waugh 68 C/B

5th place Greg Cahil 68

Pinshots Distance

Open 2nd Ray Bartlett H-I-O

Open 8th Mary Butterworth 4.8m

Open 10th Ian Prewett 1.22m

Open 16th Ian Prewett 1.35m

Open 17th Jeff Hockey 2.07m

Mens Approach 3rd Ian Bloom 4.53m

Ladies Approach 3rd Cynthia Ryan 17m

Midweek Knock-Out

23rd - 27th January Single Stableford Score

1st Nick Van Styn 42

2nd Vicki Mayfield 40 C/B

3rd Ben Duncombe 40

4th Todd Green 38 C/B

5th Gerard Duncombe 38

6th Pamela Hadaway 36

Saturday 28/01/2017 Stableford Score Prize

Div 1

1st Ian Prewett 42 3400

2nd Ben Duncombe 41 3000

3rd Wayne Tapper 40 2300

4th Alan Chappell 39 1700

Div 2

1st David Draper 40 ocb 3400

2nd Howard Dobell 40 3000

3rd Bob Punch 39 ocb 2300

4th John Hall 39 1700


1st Diane Heather 38 2700

2nd Leigh Chapman 37 1800

Pinshots Distance

2nd C Grogan 900

10th Brett Atkinson 2.28 900

16th G Duncombe 900

Pro's Pin 8th Distance

DIV 1 I Prewett 0.17 1300

DIV 2 H Dobell 4.92 1300

LADIES L Chapman 7.75 1300

Coral Sea

Results: for Wednesday January 25.

20 members braved the heat for a Single Stableford Event at

Bundaberg GC to start our games for 2017.

Winner was Jack Van Damme with 41 points.

1st Runner-up was John Menyweather with 37 points .

2nd Runner-up was Penny Teiniker with 36 points.

3rd Runner-up was Chris Gilfoyle with 35 points.

4th Runner-up was Chris Les Stone with 33 points.

Nearest the Pin- Hole 4: Rod MacInnes 0.65m.,: Hole 8: Kevin Christensen 1.54m.,:

Hole 14: Penny Teiniker 3.97m., Hole 17: Jack Van Damme 1.05m.

February 1 the Club plays a 2 Ball Ambrose Event at Oakwood Park Golf Course.

Players and visitors are requested to register at 6:45am for a 7am start.

Coral Sea Golf Club is a mixed social group and invites all players whether new, returning, or looking for a less competitive game, to join us. No AGU required.

Visitors are most welcome. Please contact the Club Captain Mike Dunning

on 4152 5662 for more information.

Gin Gin


Results from 18 Hole Stroke Event sponsored by Highway Hotel and played on Tuesday January 24

Winner: Brian Tobin 65

Run Down: Bruce McCormack 68, Steve Timmons 71

Other Scores: L Josey 73, D McKay 77, D Butler 82, K Shaw 87, N Kelly 88, B Cooke 89

Pin Shot 7 and 16: Steve Timmons

Approach Shot 9 and 18: Dave McKay

Putts: Steve Timmons 28

Results from 18 Hole Stroke Event sponsored by the club and played on Saturday 28th January, 2017

Winners: Wayne Scott 67

Run Down: Brian Stevens 68, Scott Warren 69, Peter Jenkins 69

Other Scores: Scott Wallace 70, Jason Shield 70, Geoff Brandon 70, Brian Tobin 73, John Bolt 73, Ross Ronlund 75, Daryl Butler 77, Andrew Keune 84, Ivan Keune NCR

Pin Shot 7 and 16: Scott Warren 0.77 (Silver Circle)

Pin Shot 8 and 17: Wayne Scott 1.92

Long Putt: Ross Ronlund

Membership fees due are now due

Saturday February 4 - Monthly Medal sponsored by the club

Isis Men and Women

Australia Day

A small but enthusiastic group braved the Australia Day heat to enjoy a stableford competition. For his return to golf Wayne Faulkner celebrated with 37 points to win from Clinton Dowling and Harry Zawacki both on 35. Run downs went to Fiona Dowling and Helen Ricciardi.

Harry Zawacki (0.3m) won the approach on 1 &12 and Fiona Dowling (1.3m) the ladies' approach on 6&15. Ken Albion was rewarded as the player who made most use of the course.

The year's programme is now available at the club - deep gratitude to Helen for presenting such an appealing layout with great attention to accurate details.

Isis Men

On Saturday members played a single stableford competition with some fine scores recorded in the sultry conditions. Ben Van Der Valk won with 40 points from Jeff Freeman on 39 with Nigel Radin and Phil Pearce next on 38 points each. Norm Plath earned a rundown for his 37 which almost won him a ticket. Most unusually, Bill Cowan earned the award for most use of the course.

Bill Cowan (6.43m) won the A Division pinshot on 1&10, with Phil Pearce (1.28m) winning the B Division approach. Nigel (7.5m) won the A Division pinshot on 4&13 and Ben the B Division pinshot there.

Next Saturday, members play for the first Monthly Medal for the year - please bring a plate.

Isis Women

The single stableford competition on Saturday saw Cecily Fay enjoy a winning day, taking out the prize with 36 points and also winning the approach on 6&15, her second shot 0.66m from the hole. Rundowns went to Monica Madsen on 34, Helen Ricciardi, Cynthia Draper and Joan Wright all on 33 points.

This Thursday is both the first of the ladies' competitions for the year as well as the Thursday Monthly Medal day - we hope for a well-attended morning hit-off at the usual time.

On Saturday the Monthly Medal will begin and please bring a plate for after the game.

Isis Vets

The Vets 2017 season began on last Tuesday with a single stableford competition for the large number of players who hit-off at 12 noon.

In A Division Craig Reynolds recorded 37 points to win from Phil Luckett on 36 and Mark McAulay on 35 points. In B Division Darryl Johnstone scored an incredible 43 points to win from Lisa Cooney with 36 points, second on a countback from Harry Zawacki, with Roger Draper next on 35 points.

Larry Pershouse (1.05m) won the Men's approach on 1&10; Chris Crouch (in the hole) the Combined approach on 4&13; and Val Plath (0.87m) the ladies' approach on 6&15.

Today heralds the first VIP Stroke event sponsored by the McAulays and the Volgyesis - see you there for this special occasion.

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