Old men behaving badly

POLICE are stunned that three elderly men were caught drink-driving at Buderim within seven hours of each other.

Two of the trio, aged between 78 and 90 years of age, were picked up in separate high-range reading incidents after being caught during routine patrols on Saturday.

Seasoned officers said the incidents were a shock.

Police intercepted a 78-year-old Buderim motorist at 3pm in a random breath test.

A police spokesman said a high roadside reading was followed by a reading of 0.183 at Maroochydore Police Station.

One hour later, a uniformed crew pulled over a vehicle driven by an 86-year-old Buderim man.

Police claim he gave a reading of 0.186.

Five hours later, the affluent Sunshine Coast suburb was again host to another drink-driver, according to police.

This time it was a 90-year-old Buderim man with an alleged blood alcohol reading of 0.056.

No traffic operations were being conducted in the area.

Shocked police said the results only reaffirmed their view that young drivers were not the single source of problems on the road.

Sunshine Coast police inspector Mark Henderson said it was the responsibility of all drivers to ensure their capabilities behind the wheel were safe.

"There is no doubt the passing of time affects one's judgement and reaction times when they are behind the wheel," Insp Henderson said.

"This would be grossly exaggerated by the influence of these readings."

Insp Henderson said the three incidents were a reminder that the risk to innocent lives on the road was not a responsibility owned by new and inexperienced drivers.

He urged adult family members to make every effort to know elderly family members' driving capabilities.

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