Swimmers brave winter chill

THE winter chill at Moore Park Beach will be taken head on when the first ocean swim race is held on Sunday.

The race is part of the Moore Park Beach Festival of Arts and is believed to be the first of its kind for the region.

Community support has been promising for the event, but organisers have no idea how many swimmers will line up at the start.

Moore Park Beach SLSC, in particular club member Julie Davis, have helped make the event a reality.

“We really have no idea how many people will compete, but whatever happens we hope to build on next year,” she said.

“There could be five or there could be many more; who knows?

“Its been in the back of my mind (to organise an ocean race like this) for quite a while now because the flat beach provides the perfect opportunity.”

Marshalling will be at 6am on Sunday, with a 7am start.

A 2km and 1km course has been marked out.

Davis said Bundaberg RSL and Moore Park Mini-Mart deserved thanks for their support.

The race will be heavily monitored by lifesavers and volunteers to rescue anyone who runs into trouble during the race.

While at the festival, look out for local BMX talent Aiden Montero performing new tricks he learned while overseas last month.

His group will perform tomorrow from 9.30am until noon and again on Sunday afternoon.

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