DRONE SHOT: Rockhampton's NuTank celebrates its 10th birthday with a sale today.
DRONE SHOT: Rockhampton's NuTank celebrates its 10th birthday with a sale today. Contributed

NuTank says thanks for 10 years of buying their tanks

ON the outskirts of North Rockhampton a business has quietly grown in size and reputation to becoming one of Australia's biggest and today celebrates its first decade in business.

Having only drunk tank water as a kid and a parent who once was in the industry, Nu-Tank's managing director Stephen Trail knew water storage was a growing market in Australia.

After moving to Rockhampton in 2006, Mr Trail's business opened in 2008, initially offering four water tanks and taking up about half of the industrial shed.

With a team of five and one delivery truck they set about making water tanks, but differently.

Fast forward to today, they now offer over 200 different products and fully occupy the shed on the Bruce Highway in Parkhurst.

Reflecting on 10 fruitful years, Mr Trail hoped the next 10 were just as good and said he owed a lot to the local community.

"We get a huge amount of local support, its phenomenal how many locals support us," Mr Train said.

"We have a 10th birthday sale (today) and it will be all local blokes ringing us up, we definitely have the lion's share of tank sales so we keep the out of town fellas away to a degree.

"And we work hard at that, we try to give the locals the best price possible, we definitely give them the best product possible and give them a good lead time to get the tank delivered."

Mr Trail said they had customers throughout Australia and with the drought biting hard, there was a strong demand for their products.

"We are regularly sending stuff into the Northern Territory, New South Wales, a lot into Victoria and we predominantly cover the whole of Queensland," he said.

Nu-Tank is located at 873 Yaamba Road, Parkhurst. For enquires, call 1300 36 11 10.

Started out with 3 or 4 , got over 200 different products, service australia, predominant.

With the dry weather spike demand, busy time.

With the drought, big thing, trying to help water,

Huge amount of local support phenomenal, lots of local, lions share, we work hard give locals best deal.


Fitting split had for years been the curse of rural producers, seeing their valuable supply of water uncontrollably escape from tanks around its brass outlet.

Nu-Tank were the first to introduce poly welded fittings effectively creating a one piece tank and fitting structure.

No more brass fittings, no more fitting split.

Making better, different size water tanks was not the only objective in Nu-Tank's plan.

Over the years their product range has grown to include molasses, cartage, septic and waste tanks, troughs, feeders, even combining products to form cup and saucers.

And only this year introducing their range of fire fighter units.

"We be now one of the biggest trough and septic tank manufacturers in Australia," Mr Trail said.

Along with the diversity of product their team of five has grown also, to where 30 are now employed.

That one truck has been retired and a fleet of trucks travel throughout Queensland; but old fashion values of providing quality product and service has remained at Nu-Tank's core.

Asked what have been the challenges in building the business, Mr Trail looks to the sky and said: "Mate there have been many, electricity costs is a big one, along with transportation issues, but every challenge is an opportunity, you got to stay focussed, committed to supplying quality products and optimistic."

How does Nu-Tank celebrate its first 10 years in business?

"We're having a big one oh sale", said Mr Trail.

Today you can save 10 per cent off all water tanks and troughs.

Just call 1300 36 11 10.

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