Motorbike enthusiast Darryl Coulstock will be a volunteer paramedic at the Moto GP.
Motorbike enthusiast Darryl Coulstock will be a volunteer paramedic at the Moto GP. Max Fleet

Medicine and motor sports mix

UNABLE to choose between two passions - medicine and motor sport - Darryl Coulstock has combined the two.

The Branyan resident dedicates his holidays to volunteering on medical teams for prestigious events.

Mr Coulstock will venture to Phillip Island today, to be part of the medical team for this weekend's MotoGP event.

He started volunteering at events 10 years ago after inquiring about ticket prices to Bathurst.

“When I was online, I saw a link to volunteer,” he said.

It was not long after that Mr Coulstock was trackside at the famous race.

The self-confessed revhead was born in NSW and moved to Bundaberg in 1981, and had always dreamed of going to Bathurst.

“I love motor sport and there is no better place to see the action than on the track,” he said.

The Bundaberg Hospital nurse's passion for motor sport has meant he has witnessed some horrific accidents and some near misses.

He said the fast speeds meant people's insides still wanted to fly at 300kmh despite coming to an abrupt halt.

“At an A1 Grand Prix, a Japanese rider hit the wall at over 250kmh and just about tore his heart,” Mr Coulstock said.

“There are three layers to your heart and he tore through two.”

He also saw a rider come off his motorbike at Phillip Island in 2008.

“The guy was doing 300kmh down the straight, his bike flipped and flew and disintegrated 250 metres down from where it started,” he said.

“He was just lying there and we thought he was gone - but then he just stood up.”

When crashes happen, Mr Coulstock is first on the scene, but not before being the passenger of a joyride of his own.

“I have been down Conrod Straight at 200kmh at Bathurst and have been overtaken over by the V8 Supercars doing over 100kmh more,” he said.

Mr Coulstock said on the sidelines he would always barrack for an Australian competitor, but that has not stopped him from getting autographs of the likes of Italian superstar Valentino Rossi.

Mr Coulstock said his love of fast motorbikes and cars could not be divided.

“They are both different,” he said.

“I love both. It's like trying to pick one favourite dessert.”

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