Nurse assaulted for offering limo

A MAN punched a nurse and threatened to “get him” after being offered a limousine to take him home, a court was told.

Ian Allan Keith Acworth, 32, was being discharged from the Bundaberg Hospital's mental health unit on July 30 when he went into a rage after a nurse told him a limousine would take him home.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Robyn Shapcott told Bundaberg Magistrates Court that Acworth became abusive to the nurse, telling him: “I don't want to be paraded around like a f***ing show pony.”

“He yelled, ‘I'm going to get you',” Sgt Shapcott said.

Security intervened but Acworth lunged at the nurse, punching his left shoulder.

As security escorted the defendant out of the building, he screamed to the nurse: “I'm going to make it my life's mission to get you.”

Acworth yesterday pleaded guilty to serious assault, wilful damage and shoplifting.

Sgt Shapcott said on August 26, Acworth went to the Bundaberg Caltex Service Station and asked for cigarettes.

When the shop attendant placed them on the counter, Acworth took the cigarettes and left without paying for them.

On Wednesday, Acworth returned to the mental health unit asking for a bed.

“He became agitated and aggressive when staff explained they could not help him,” Sgt Shapcott said.

On his way out of the hospital, Acworth struck his bicycle helmet against the walls several times before smashing the door button at the emergency department.

Sgt Shapcott said jail was an unavoidable consequence of Acworth's actions.

Defence lawyer Thomas Bray said his client had a schizophrenic disorder and his frustration arose from the lack of help he felt he was being provided by staff.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring sentenced Acworth to three months' jail for the assault and wilful damage, and convicted him but did not further punish him for the shoplifting.

The offences were committed while Acworth was on a district court suspended sentence and he is expected to face that court either today or at the next sittings.

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