Michael Booth with a few of his number plates.
Michael Booth with a few of his number plates. Mike Knott

Number plates serve up extra revs for Michael

BIG DREAM: Are these number plates worth $300,000?

NOTHING revs Michael Booth up like his passion for this new business.

He loves his work teaching people how to drive so much that he's personalised his work with a set of unique number plates - REV500 (revs 00).

Michael is one of 1072 Bundaberg region residents who, in the past year, have personalised their vehicle with unique number plates.

They cost from $165 to $3300 and the region is home to a wide array of unique registrations including these beauties: THE MOTH, SHINEON, REV500, TEACUP and S4V4G3.

Michael said spending money on personalised plates to promote his business Revved Up Driving School was a no-brainer.

"I wanted some plates that really go along with the driving school and to look professional," he said.

"I wanted to my cars to stand out a little bit more as well.

"It's a great marketing tool, it looks great on the car."

Michael has also ordered another plate that reads RVM3 (rev me) and he has three sets of personalised plates for his and his partner's vehicles.

Personalised Plates Queensland managing director Jemma Elder said more than 750,000 personalised plates had been issued.

Ms Elder said vehicle owners were happy to spend big on them because they were a "fun and creative way" to express themselves.

"A lot of people are very proud of their vehicles and it's a way for them to express themselves and their passion for their cars and to complement the look of their car."

While most people opt for letter and number combinations that will not offend, there are some motorists who like to push the envelope and choose plates that are not appropriate for our roads.

"We work very closely with the Department of Transport and Main Roads who provide very strict guidelines to adhere to," Ms Elder said.

"We run every plate against the very strict assessment criteria to ensure they are clean and that they are appropriate for display."

While PPQ sells the unique regos on more than 250 types of plates and designs, it's the DTMR that produces the finished plate.

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