Member for Fairfax Ted O'Brien.
Member for Fairfax Ted O'Brien. Contributed

NSW win doesn't tell future for LNP 'underdogs': O'Brien

FAIRFAX MP Ted O'Brien has weighed in on Gladys Berejiklian's New South Wales "excellent" win, but warned it didn't signal a clear win for the LNP in the upcoming Federal Election.

Ms Berejiklian became the first woman to be elected NSW Premier following Saturday's state election and will lead the Coalition into its third-term in office.

At the time of writing, 64.6 per cent of the vote had been counted with the LNP still needing another seat to obtain a majority.

Mr O'Brien said while he took confidence from the result, he couldn't deny the difference between State and Federal elections.

"At the federal level there's no doubt our backs are against the wall and the LNP is the underdog but the NSW result reminds us about the importance of a strong economy to provide jobs for people's livelihoods and building infrastructure for people's liveability and to pay for public services for people's health and well-being," Mr O'Brien said.

"I think when it gets into the detail about what certain seats delivered it's hard to transfer that to Queensland. There will always be differences from state to state and seat to seat.

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"It's an excellent result from which we can take some optimism for the federal campaign but we have to be careful not to draw too many conclusions at a detailed level."

When asked about preference deals with One Nation, Mr O'Brien said he wanted voters to hold the power.

"My personal position has been to encourage the individual voter to take maximum of control of their own ballot sheet and determine who they wish to preference," he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has insisted the Coalition would not do a preference deal with One Nation, but said his position equally applied to other parties.

"I don't see those comments being directed at One Nation in particular, more that the PM isn't interested in negotiating a nation-wide deal with any party," Mr O'Brien said.

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