LOVE FOR BUNDY: One new resident says the city centre is well planned and alive with shoppers.
LOVE FOR BUNDY: One new resident says the city centre is well planned and alive with shoppers. Max Fleet BUNCBD

Locals have their say

Not discriminatory

CLARITY needs to come to the current debate about the Government's proposed amendments to the Workers' Compensation Act.

An independent assessment conducted by Australia's leading academic in this area, Michale Eburn said the Government's bill is much more comprehensive and makes appropriate provision to ensure volunteer firefighters are covered in the scheme.

He also observed under the LNP's proposal someone could join a brigade and make a claim even if they've never been to a fire.

The Member for Burnett had three years in government to act on this legislation and did nothing. Now they put forward a proposal that is uncosted, unworkable and unlikely ever to see the light of day.

The LNP's draft actually leaves vulnerable firefighters in a more vulnerable position by limiting them to a payout and denying them the right to sue under common law provisions.

This is a very important part of the Government's bill and that is where we differ from the LNP.

It means under our proposal, in addition to weekly payments and medical benefits, volunteer firefighters may be entitled to a statutory lump sum payment of up to $315,000.

This is especially important where a firefighter might have a significantly reduced life expectancy or even die from their contracted disease - in these very possible circumstances weekly payments may not enable a firefighter to financially care for their own family without assistance.

Labor's proposed legislation was never discriminatory and this committee process ends the LNP's scare campaign.


Member for Bundaberg

Last hope

WHILE this council continues to pour money into Bargara, up to $1.5million to put more lipstick on the basin, and ignore the plight of their poor cousin Innes Park North, it won't matter what you call that area, you can call a lemon an orange it won't make it taste any sweeter.

They have no sewerage, very little channelling and kerbing, have been unfairly been labelled a non-growth area.

When seeking to have some of these abnormalities rectified, people are told they should have bought in Bargara. .

They now have a very prominent and highly respected developer as their last hope.

Thank the Lord for people like Bill Moorhead.

Now let him get on the job and what he does best: making this a better place to live.


Innes Park

More teachers

BUNDABERG principals of state secondary and primary schools recently received some very positive news from the State Government.

In 2012, the then minister for education, training and employment, John-Paul Langbroek MP cut teacher staffing to all government schools by removing a secondary resource teacher allocation and the primary school "rounding up" staffing benefit.

In real terms, these moves by the LNP cut more than 500 teachers from Queensland state schools.

Last week, Hon Kate Jones MP, Minister for Education and Training, wrote to principals to advise them that teachers lost through this measure will be restored over the next three years, many in 2016.

This will ultimately result in 875 additional teachers and 45 additional guidance officers to state schools, above that required for growth by increased enrolments.

This is welcome news for schools and will have a directly positive effect on students, class sizes and learning outcomes.

This latest initiative continues an encouraging trend by the State Government of a preparedness to talk, listen, negotiate and compromise with stakeholders, including the organisation representing teachers and school leaders in state schools, the Queensland Teachers' Union.



QTU Bundaberg North

Great city

I ARRIVED here last November and love it very much.

Everyone here is friendly and helpful and everyone returns a smile and a G'day.

The city centre is well planned and alive with shoppers.

Parking is never a real problem and the fact that it is free is a godsend. Love the wide streets everywhere too.

Some other observations that I would like feedback on are: Why are sidewalks so rare? Street lighting could be improved in most areas; lack of house numbers makes it difficult when doing the garage sale circuit; are there any fenced in areas where you can let your dog run without a leash?

Yes, this is all I have to complain about, so it must be a top city, eh?


Bundaberg North

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