Kyle Taylor and Dan Chamberlain.
Kyle Taylor and Dan Chamberlain. Mike Knott

Norths happy with comeback season

THEY are out of the race for the semi-finals and firmly occupy bottom spot on the ladder, but North Bundaberg has done enough to consider their return season to the Archem Premier League a success.

A 3-2 defeat of Mecano Shed Cup champs Across The Waves on Tuesday night was the highlight of a much improved finish to the season.

They play Alloway this weekend and have been inspired by positive comments from opposition coaches and players to continue their recent run of form.

“I think we’ve earned some respect and praise, which has lifted the team and we’ve played some good football in the last month,” coach Jim Cairney said.

“We’ve established we can play at a division one level and next year we’ll aim to do better and hopefully challenge for a finals spot.”

Cairney said the attitude of his squad to persevere through a tough initiation to the year had contributed to their promising finish.

“Sometimes you need that tough stuff to find out what they are made of,” he said.

“And I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Wins against Brothers Aston Villa and Across The Waves, as well as admirable performances against Moore Park and Diggers has them in good spirits.

One team they haven’t managed to knock off though is Alloway, something they hope to achieve tomorrow.

“The last thing we want to do is fold it away now. It’s a huge match for us and we have some unfinished business,” Cairney said.

“At the start of the year we were playing some players out of their depth. But I can say now that everyone in that top squad deserves to be playing division one.”

Moore Park faces Diggers and Across The Waves will attempt to silence Brothers Aston Villa’s argument for a spot in the finals.

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