Patrick Mark Perkins, right, is led into court. Picture: Nine News.
Patrick Mark Perkins, right, is led into court. Picture: Nine News.

Rapist’s vile taunt: It’s your fault, you’re not a good girl

THE North Adelaide rapist blamed his victim for his crime, telling her she should not have walked home alone and was not "a good girl".

On Monday, the woman told the District Court she can still hear Patrick Mark Perkins questioning her choices - and fears any mistake will result in brutal punishment.

In her victim impact statement, she questioned whether she would ever trust again, if she could ever love again, and whether she still had a soul.

The woman said she had left both her soul and her innocence "like a child waiting to be collected, sitting on a swing" but had "not gone to collect them since".

"(Perkins) kept referring to me as a 'good girl', that I 'should have known better', that 'good girls don't walk home alone at night'," she said.

"Now I can't make any decision without wondering what a good girl would do ... I hear his voice in my head, I don't want to make any decisions because I don't want to hear his voice.

"But I don't want to make a bad decision again and be punished so brutally ... I don't want to be a bad girl."

Perkins, 57, of Enfield, was originally charged with seven offences relating to attacks upon five women in North Adelaide between November 2005 and August 2011.

The series of rapes, dubbed "horrendous" by police, sparked an intense manhunt but no arrest was made until an Australian-first DNA match, thanks to new technology, in July 2015.

Perkins denied all wrongdoing at first, claiming one incident was consensual, one was a non-sexual fight and that he was not connected to the other attacks.

Prior to trial, prosecutors withdrew five of the charges and Perkins pleaded guilty to one count of rape and one count of assault with intent to rape.

In her victim impact statement on Monday, the woman - who cannot be identified - said Perkins ruined her life when he raped her on Gover St in September 2012.

"I go from nothing to feeling extreme emotion at once ... if I had a soul, I would care and I would love," she said.

"I've stopped wanting to share with people out of fear I will break them ... I just avoid life, I feel like I'm the walking dead and I act like it.

"I'm indifferent to death, it doesn't scare me, I have seen it before ... I felt so close to death that it will be like a reunion for me."

Mark Griffin QC, for Perkins, offered his client's apology to the woman and his other victim - who did not give a statement to the court.

He asked the court to show as much mercy as it could, given Perkins' guilty plea and lack of any prior criminal history.

Mark Norman SC, prosecuting, said a long jail term was not only appropriate but also "inevitable" for "extremely disturbing" crimes that "ruined" two lives.

Judge Julie McIntyre remanded Perkins in custody for sentencing in two weeks.

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