Nomads win backing of chamber

BUNDABERG Chamber of Commerce president Dion Taylor has backed calls for the provision of more budget camping areas in the region to cater for self-sufficient grey nomads and motorhome travellers.

Mr Taylor has warned local businesses stand to lose a lucrative revenue stream if the needs of the modern motorhome traveller are not met.

"The grey nomad is a huge tourism market that stands to get bigger as more baby boomers retire over the next five years," he said.

"If we don't do something to address the issue sooner rather than later, then we will potentially miss out on that market entirely."

Grey nomads have made their opinions of Bundaberg known on several online forums, including one at .

The main criticism is of a lack of budget-style camping suitable for self-sufficient travellers who do not require many of the facilities offered by caravan parks such as power and toilets.

Mr Taylor said self-sufficient travellers were loathe to pay local caravan park fees of between $25 and $40 a night because they were charged for amenities they did not need.

"The cost for these people to stay in our region is currently too high," he said.

Mr Taylor said other Queensland towns had opened budget camping facilities, charging between $10 and $15, to capture the grey nomad market.

"The golden rule is consumers are prepared to pay a fair price for a fair product. If we provide them with a good service then they'll be back, and they'll support our businesses," he said.

Bundaberg Regional Council mayor Lorraine Pyefinch said budget travellers were already catered for by existing caravan parks, and four overnight rest areas in the region.

"These people want something for nothing," she said.

"We can't provide more than we do without it being at a cost to ratepayers."

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