Kel Treseder will race in Las Vegas.
Kel Treseder will race in Las Vegas. Mike Knott

Treseder earns Las Vegas dream

LAS Vegas is a fair distance from Bundaberg's asphalt track, where the Bundaberg dump employees get front row seats for each month's racing.

But Kel Treseder isn't fazed by the change of scenery or the fact he could be shoulder to shoulder with NASCAR or Formula One drivers in November's Las Vegas Super National.

“I guess they are just normal people like you and me, so I'll just treat them like anyone else,” Treseder said.

The Bundaberg karting king is as good as on the grid after raising almost $20,000 in the last three weeks to secure the spot he earned after finishing second in the Australian CIK Stars of Karting series this year.

“I don't think it's fully sunk in yet,” he said.

The extravagant event sees the streets of Las Vegas shut down for the day and a make-shift kart track formed.

“I have no idea how they do it, but anything goes in Las Vegas,” he said.

“I think if the NASCAR riders want to ride karts around Las Vegas, there are people there who can make it happen. We'll just tag along for the ride.”

Because the track will only exist for one day, no driver will have a chance to familiarise themselves.

“We've all had a bird's eye view of the layout, but that's as good as it will get,” Treseder confirmed.

“The benefit for me is that these NASCAR and Formula One guys don't ride karts full-time like me.”

Treseder thanked all the businesses and individuals that helped him financially.

He plans to catch a NASCAR race in Phoenix before heading to Las Vegas, racing and returning to Bundaberg the next day.

“No time to holiday mate,” he said. “It'll be straight back to work.”

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