DANGER ZONE: The intersection of Burnett Heads Rd and Port Rd.
DANGER ZONE: The intersection of Burnett Heads Rd and Port Rd. Mike Knott BUN160218GIVEWAY1

No upgrade in sight for scene of near-misses

A BURNETT Heads woman is calling for a fix to an intersection she says is the sight of far too many near-misses.

Katherine Rothe said the section of road where Burnett Heads Rd and the Port Rd merge desperately needed attention, with her latest close call happening last week.

Two give way signs sit either side of Burnett Heads Rd as it merges with the Port Rd, but Mrs Rothe says drivers are either not seeing them or just ignoring them.

"I live at the port and unfortunately have had a few near misses at this intersection from people trying to beat me to get in front or purely just not even looking to see what's coming from the port,” she said.

"On Wednesday on my way to work I had a big dual cab work ute run the give way sign and pull out in front of me.

"We both hit the skids and came to a complete stop at the intersection and missed collision by about two inches, the man was obviously unaware there was even a give way signs.

"I do also know a few others who have had near misses and even clipped cars at this intersection.”

Mrs Rothe said she cringed every time she saw a car approach from Burnett Heads.

"A lot of people here who have had near-misses are tourists and they don't even see the give way signs,” she said.

"Ideally, I'd like to see a merging lane so the two lanes turn into one gradually.”

Division 6 councillor Scott Rowleson said he supported any upgrades to the state-controlled road.

"I have heard concerns from residents for some time in regards to this intersection, not only the safety concerns around it, but also the poor visual amenity it has,” he said.

"As an entrance to a town that is looking for growth into the future, I do believe it could do with some work.

"So I call on the Department of transport and main roads to listen to locals issues, regarding this intersection and show them that it meets current traffic standards and also give residents some indication if this intersection will be upgraded into the future.”

Cr Rowleson said road concerns were always welcome to be aired with the council.

"Council is always happy to discuss the future needs of our roads networks, to ensure we grow our region with one vision moving forward,” he said.

A Transport and Main Roads spokeswoman said it was up to drivers to ensure they did the right thing and police to enforce it.

She said there was an advance give way sign in place at the intersection, as well as two give way signs and a give way hold line.

"The signs are regulatory and enforceable by Queensland police,” she said.

"Sight distance from the intersection, looking west towards the port, is suitable and provides time for motorists to slow down and check for traffic.

"Advance intersection warning signs, along with curve and speed advisory signs, are also in place to alert motorists to the changed conditions.”

Failing to give way at the intersection could attract a $378 fine and the loss of three demerit points.

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