No one else does news like NewsMail online, says Jim

"THE NewsMail is the only place I can go to get good local news."

These are the words of Moore Park man Jim Breinl on why he is a regular user and interactor of the NewsMail's online website.

"It is Bundaberg and the environment," Mr Breinl said.

Mr Breinl said one of the first things he does in the morning is check the website from his tablet device from the comfort of his bed - "probably about six in the morning".

He said that gives him the best possible insight into what's been happening and is coming up in the community.

Then throughout the day, Mr Brienl said if he hears sirens or talk among the town, he knows he can pop on the website and find out what's happening.

"No one else does news like it, even the ABC website. It's got local news but it's usually pretty out of date, whereas the NewsMail, it's spot on."

He said the importance of to him was the range of local content.

"It's not so important for me for the national news or even Queensland news to that extent," Mr Breinl said.

He said the NewsMail's website allowed him to connect with the happenings of the community and described the site as a "much-appreciated" resource.

"I'm enjoying it. It's been really good over the last three weeks or so with the changes. It's really good."

The NewsMail's website has been overhauled in recent weeks which Mr Breinl said had made it a lot easier to find local news.

"It's a lot simpler to use."

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