‘No merit’: Repeat offender loses speeding tickets appeal

A SERIAL leadfoot has lost appeals against his latest two speeding fines and must cough up $3600 after being busted breaking the speed limit on two Cairns roads.

Ian Crossman was caught speeding twice within six weeks during 2018 and fought to have both overturned, arguing the devices used by police had not been calibrated properly.

In the first instance, he was caught by police doing 67km/h in a 60km/h zone along Sheridan St on June 19 that year, while on July 28, an officer clocked him at 51km/h on the Cairns Esplanade which had a 40km/h zone at the time.

Mr Crossman appealed both tickets, first in the Magistrates Court, then in the District Court, where both were dismissed.

In both cases, Judge Tracy Fantin said his appeals had "no merit" and threw them out while ordering him to pay a total of $3600 in costs.

Mr Crossman, a limousine driver, has attempted to appeal many other previous speeding fines, including a 2013 penalty issued in the notorious Sheridan St school zone outside Mother of Good Counsel school where he attempted to fight the legitimacy of the zone.

The appeal ended up in the Supreme Court and was also dismissed.

In one of the latest judgments, Judge Fantin described him as an "experienced self-represented litigant".

"He has appeared in several summary trials in the Magistrates Court, in several appeals to this court, and in the Court of Appeal, seeking to challenge speeding fines," she said.

Originally published as 'No merit': Repeat traffic offender loses speeding tickets appeal

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