No-kill shelter one paw closer to new home

FAMILY FUN: Jade Whalley and Dora at the Red Collar Rescue Family Fun Day on Saturday, 2 May 2015.
FAMILY FUN: Jade Whalley and Dora at the Red Collar Rescue Family Fun Day on Saturday, 2 May 2015. Max Fleet BUN020515RCR12

BRINGING man's best friend a little closer to home, Red Collar Rescue is in the process of moving closer to Bundaberg.

Founder and shelter manager Sharyn Banks said since starting Red Collar in 2009 it's been her dream to create a facility to withstand the test of time and this move will aid in that dream becoming a reality.

"This will allow us to have many more volunteers, and to ensure that the dogs have an opportunity to become well adjusted and relaxed,” she said.

"We have finally found a block of land that fits our complex needs, with regards to proximity to Bundaberg, and access to public engagement.

"We are still in negotiation in purchasing the land but are hopeful that there will be a positive outcome.

Having already taken in 2692 dogs Ms Banks said she is very excited for the shelter's next step.

"Either way, we will be moving forward to make this a reality, either in the chosen location or another suitable place,” she said.

"In honesty, the closer we are to Bundaberg, the more we can make it a community place where we can hopefully educate and engage people.

"On a regular basis we currently have around 15 people working in various aspects of our organisation, including shelter care, and fundraising which are both crucial to our day to day existence.We hope that the new shelter will bring in at least double those numbers of volunteers, especially people for providing enrichment and cuddles.”

Ms Banks said she hopes that one day, shelters will not be needed in the way that they are so crucial at the moment, and every day prays for compulsory desexing, but until that day comes, they will be there for the voiceless.

"Without support we cannot function, so the more people understand what we do, and why we do it, the more lives we can save,” she said.

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