No danger: train driver knew lights not working

LIGHT OUT: The flashing lights at the Sharon level crossing weren't working on Friday.
LIGHT OUT: The flashing lights at the Sharon level crossing weren't working on Friday. Mike Knott BUN250917CROSSING1

LOOK out, look out, the loco's about!

While nearing the end of the cane season, locomotives are still on the tracks and drivers are being advised to always approach a cane train crossing with extreme caution especially in instances where a clear field of vision is obstructed by encroaching vegetation or cane crops.

Reports the Sharon crossing lights on the Bundaberg-Gin Gin Rd not functioning on Friday have been investigated by Bundaberg Sugar and the technology now used in the trains warned the driver not to cross the road as the lights were down.

Bundaberg Sugar cane transport manager Robert Powell said the standard safety procedure in place for the Bundaberg Sugar cane rail network was that train drivers were alerted prior to reaching a level crossing if the flashing lights are not operating.

"When the flashing lights at the Sharon crossing on the Bundaberg-Gin Gin Road failed to activate on Friday night, the train driver was alerted and therefore he did not traverse that level crossing,” he said.

"The train was held back until technicians corrected the fault and no trains traversed that crossing until the fault was rectified at 11.30pm that night.”

For more information on cane train safety, click here or phone 4150 8500.

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