No cost given to fix ruined road

A COST of fixing the crumbling section of the Ring Road has not been given by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The edges of a 500m section of the 14km road have begun to spout potholes and in places become so warped the line markings have become jagged.

But a spokeswoman from the department was unable to name a cost of fixing the road.

“Repair works will be covered by normal maintenance funding and will be completed in the near future,” she said.

The cracks have appeared despite the road being in use for a short period.

“Vehicles started using this section of the Bundaberg Ring Road in September 2009 and the pressure from the vehicles has gradually affected that part of the road due to moisture in the surface below,” she said.

“There is no exact time period for how long bitumen roads last. Roads can be affected by numerous factors, including wet weather as demonstrated in this section of road.”

The spokeswoman said the department was aware wet weather was expected to continue throughout the year.

“TMR is not concerned about the future state of this small section. Repair plans are in place and the department is confident the road will meet performance standards,” she said.

The spokeswoman said the poor condition of the section had been contributed to by the wet weather.

“The Bundaberg Ring Road was constructed over about two years. During this time the region recorded some of its highest rainfall levels,” she said.


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