Bindi Irwin starring in Return to Nim's Island
Bindi Irwin starring in Return to Nim's Island vince valitutti

No. Bindi Irwin is not dead. Just the Twits killed her

RUMOURS of Bindi Irwin's death have been greatly exaggerated - thanks to a search glitch and the power of Twitter to run with anything that trends.

The Sunshine Coast daughter of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was the talk of social media sites over the weekend after a strange combination on search engines combined Bindi Irwin with her father's death.

Tweets abounded on the 14-year-old face of Australia Zoo's demise after it appeared the phrase, "Steve Irwin daughter dies," was, in fact, trending on the web.

It was all, as Social News Daily reported, the product of an unfortunate and so-called "trend hiccup."

Bindi Irwin has been recently highlighted in the media for everything for taking on Hillary Clinton over a rewritten essay as well as a starring role in the movie Return to Nim's Island.

She was also the subject of a well-reported article titled, "Bindi Irwin is all Grown Up," based on recent photographs of a now-adolescent girl  who was best known, as an eight year old, talking of her dad's death in 2006.

According to Social News Daily, and combined this week with Internet searches concerning "Return to Nim's Island," the all-grown-up Bindi Irwin story, and old press accounts of her father's death to produce the aforementioned "hiccup."

"A ton of old news stories are popping up about her: One, she was out promoting her new film Return to Nim's Island in March, and new photos had emerged of an "all grown up" Bindi,'' the site reported.

"Two, she got into a curious spat with... Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over a 1,000-word conservation essay she penned herself all the way back in January. 

"Because of the "trend hiccup," those stories, the most recent ones written about Bindi Irwin, are trending again as search engines look for stories to match up with the keyword.

"Adding more fuel to the confusing fire, a June 14, 2013 story by the Today News Gazette titled "Steve Irwin Daughter Dies [Hoax]" smartly and unambiguously takes advantage of the "trend hiccup" with their title.

"While they admit that Bindi is alive and well, they re-hash a Daily Mail story about the teen's fight with Hillary Clinton which, remember, is from January."


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