Nine years between wins for Eloise Wellings in 5km Bolt

IT HAS been nine years between drinks for Eloise Wellings, but yesterday the 32-year-old dominated the Noosa 5km Bolt as she surges toward Rio 2016 qualification.

Brett Robinson took out the men's equivalent - which is starts two minutes after, but in unison with the women - for the second consecutive year.

Last year Robinson caught the women's winner, but this year Wellings finished well ahead claiming all bragging rights.

"We (Wellings and Robinson) actually talked about it before the race," Wellings said.

"If we're both in front at the end, who's going to win?

"We were talking it up a bit, and I ended up the victor, but I did have a two minute head start.

"Thanks everyone for your support out there, the crowd actually got me over the line in front of Brett (Robinson."

Wellings was so stoked that she just kept on running after she had already crossed the line, giving high-fives to a raucous crowd.

Robinson followed suit, before saying there should be a bonus for the male or female competitor who wins.

"I tried as hard as I could (to catch Wellings), last year I caught Suze and we crossed together - this year I couldn't get Eloise (Wellings), but it definitely makes it more interesting (running the men's and women's at the same time)," he said.

"I was pretty confident coming into it - I thought if I went hard early they wouldn't come at me, so that was the plan.

I think I bluffed them a little bit into thinking I'm better than I was - I built that gap and then just held it."

Robinson now turns his attention to the Zatopek 10km Rio qualifiers in Melbourne after already qualifying for the 5km, while Wellings is yet to qualify for either.

Wellings will take confidence into Zatopek after winning the event in 2009 and '10.

She's also enjoying arguably the best season of her career.

"I thought I can't kind of rest on all the wins I've had this year and I've got to learn to hurt again, and that's what I did," she said.

"I've never had such a consistent year.

"2006 is the last time I've run so fast, I'm not sure how the (Noosa) Bolt compares to my other times, but that was probably my fastest, so I guess I am (best form)."

Wellings' training partner Genevieve LaCaze finished second and will act as a pacer for Wellings' Olympic qualifier in Melbourne.

"I knew going into the race Eloise was the one to beat," LaCaze said.

"She's so fit right now, she's had one of the best years of her life, but we have the same coach so we knew each other's plan and it was to run away from the girls.

"I think we executed that really well, but she just had the next gear - I think those half marathons have given her a lot of strength."

The Zatopek qualifier begins on December 5 at Albert Park.

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