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Next stop, prison for re-offender

BEING hospitalised for leptospirosis, a disease transferred by rats, was the reason given to the court as to why Trevor John Banks had not yet started full-time work.

Banks appeared at the Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday on 10 charges of stealing, drugs possession and driving without a licence.

On September 19, 2018 police executed a search warrant where they located 1.5g of methyl amphetamine, needles, 2g of marijuana and a bong.

Banks was on probation at the time of offending and Magistrate Gary Finger sarcastically noted to defence lawyer Mary Buchanan that her client's probation had been a "roaring success.”

Ms Buchanan said probation had in fact been a positive influence on her client, who said he had been clean since Christmas and was about to start full-time work.

"He would have started earlier but he's been in hospital with leptospirosis, he says it's a disease that you catch from rats,” Ms Buchanan said.

Mr Finger said the defendant had appalling history.

"I often tell people if you continue to use this sort of rubbish, one of two things is going to happen,” he said.

"You'll either end up in prison or dead. Today you're going to end up in prison. It's about whether you do any time.”

Banks was sentenced to three months in prison wholly suspended for 18 months.

"Wake up to yourself. If you don't wake yourself up, the court will,” Mr Finger said.

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