Newman accuses Abbott Government of being under-handed

IT IS the political bunfight that does not look as though it will simmer down anytime soon.

Premier Campbell Newman took to the airwaves on Friday to once again voice his disapproval over the Federal Government's decision to cut $80 billion from health and education funding over the next decade.

"The Prime Minister has been saying that health and education is the responsibility of the states and that is true," he said.

"That is constitutionally correct.

"But over many decades the Commonwealth has put a lot of money in because the states do not have the ability to raise the revenue to run the systems to the level the community wants."

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey announced the funding cuts when handing down his first budget this week angering all the state premiers in the process.

Mr Newman, who initiated the emergency meeting of state premiers this weekend to discuss the cuts, said he still felt the Federal Government was playing an under-handed political game.

"It is very clear that Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey want the states, literally trying to corral the states and territories to sort-of plead with him, almost beg them to raise the GST," he said.

"Well we are not playing that game.

"They (other state premiers) see that the GST issue as a naked attempt by the Federal Government to get the states and territories essentially to wear a political issue.

"We do not want to impose extra taxes, higher taxes on people, particularly when it is a Federal Government budgetary issue that is prompting this whole thing."

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Friday his government was simply being upfront in the budget.

"I know that there were some things in the budget that the premiers liked and there were other things in the budget that the premiers would prefer were not there," he said.

"But all of us understand that we have got to do things more efficiently.

"We have got to do things more effectively and there is a process going forward to resolve these matters."