LEADERS: Shalom College 2019 captains Emma Moonie and Paul McMahon.
LEADERS: Shalom College 2019 captains Emma Moonie and Paul McMahon.

New school captains have big plans for Shalom College

THIS year has begun really well at Shalom College.

We welcomed lots of new students and a number of new staff.

We've had some great success stories over the holiday break:

  • We topped the list of schools with our eligible students attending about 98 per cent of the time and an attendance level at 95 per cent, something which we commend both our students and their parents on achieving.
  • Our graduating class of 2018 was an excellent reflection of this as they performed exceptionally well. Results showed that 31 per cent of students achieved an OP between one and seven, with three students achieving the coveted OP1.
  • The latest building and renovations program was completed in time for the return of students to the college.

The best thing about Shalom is not its facilities or the academic results but the very positive culture that is created by working hard at living out gospel values - respect, compassion, justice and forgiveness.


READY: Shalom College principal Dan McMahon.
READY: Shalom College principal Dan McMahon. PAUL BEUTEL

We also expect that our young people will do their best, every day.

Working towards achieving those things helps create that positive culture that supports high attendance rates and great outcomes.

We also work very hard to develop positive relationships among our students and between teachers and students. It makes Shalom a really great place to work and study.

It is our mission to create an environment that carefully nurtures growth and the student's connectedness to their world and each other. Shalom College aims to harness and channel the optimism of the young and the desire to make a difference in the world.

Students in 2019 are part of a college that responds to the challenge of an evolving future by offering a relevant and holistic curriculum that prepares students to become successful learners, creative and confident individuals and active and informed citizens.

To achieve this our curriculum aims to develop the capabilities of: literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology competence, critical and creative thinking, ethical behaviour, personal and social competence, and inter-cultural understanding.

Underpinning this response is an emphasis placed on the development of the cross-curricular priorities of: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia, and a commitment to create a sustainable future for all.

An area that is unique to our school and has proved valuable time and time again is our strong network of care that is provided to every student through our pastoral care program. It is built on our eight house groups and each house creates a community within a community where, even in a large school, students are known and acknowledged.

I am enthusiastic about what 2019 will bring for our school through the dedication of new and continuing students and teachers.

A message from the school captains

Emma Moonie

THE honour of being named Shalom College school captain, alongside my good friend Paul McMahon, is something I would never have fathomed possible.

Being elected into this position will provide us with a platform to reach the wider school community and promote the issues that are important to us.

This year Shalom College is delighted to have more than 200 new Year 7 students join the community. Although Shalom already has a foundation of being an extremely inclusive community, I'm hoping these new students will feel more included than ever.

Although it may be shooting for the stars, I am hoping the majority of students will find pleasure coming to school and enjoying the resources provided.

From culture to music, Shalom covers all bases, especially during terms one and three, when after-school sports are offered - thanks to the help of our esteemed teachers.

It is activities such as these that allow the community to grow closer and let the diverse personalities of Shalom students amalgamate.

These points give me high hopes for what I know will be an amazing year.

Paul McMahon

IT WAS an enormous honour finding out I had been elected school captain of Shalom College by my peers and members of staff. Never could my Year 8 self have imagined that I would one day assume this significant role.

I see so many admirable young men and women in my year level and am very much looking forward to working closely with them throughout the year.

I have developed so much as a person during my four years at the college, much of which can be attributed to passionate teachers and auxiliary staff, as well as the caring environment that has been kindled in our school.

Shalom has offered me many wonderful opportunities in the areas of academia, culture and sport. Certainly, it has something unique for every student.

It was extremely daunting for me moving from a primary school of 500 students to a high school of 1400. Yet the vibrant community I experienced at the college was incredible. Teachers and older students created a welcoming environment for myself and others to thrive in.

I am confident 2019 will be another successful year for Shalom College. I wish all our young women and men, from Year 7 to Year 12, the best in their pursuit of excellence.

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