New 'Microsoft' scam targets Bundy

WOULD-BE scammers are continuing to target Bundaberg people, with the latest approach apparently coming from Microsoft itself.

Walkervale woman Gay Fielding said she received a phone call last week from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Windows Support.

“He wouldn’t tell me his name to start with,” Mrs Fielding said.

“But he said they were receiving messages from my computer indicating it was under threat of viruses.”

The unnamed man told Mrs Fielding it was likely her computer would crash.

“I acted a bit dumb, as if I didn’t know anything,” she said.

“I asked what I should be doing.”

However, Mrs Fielding said she was unworried by the threat of a virus attack.

“I’ve got good virus protection on my computer and I’ve got junk filters,” she said.

The caller asked Mrs Fielding if she was sitting at her computer and told her he would guide her through the steps she needed to take to protect herself.

“I’m in touch with a lot of people across the world and I’ve heard about stuff like this,” she said.

“They get you to sit down at your computer and they end up with your computer password so they can control your computer and your bank details.”

Mrs Fielding said she tried to return the phone call on a number the man gave her, but it was not connected.

She said she was later told callers to other people had tried to get credit card details from them.

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