ELEVEN ACRES: Kristian Watkinson, Brenton Nowland, Leigh Sanders, Bonnie Craig and Jeff Lennox.
ELEVEN ACRES: Kristian Watkinson, Brenton Nowland, Leigh Sanders, Bonnie Craig and Jeff Lennox. Mike Knott BUN060917ELEVEN4

New restaurant is ready to get your tastebuds going

"IT'S about being exceptional.”

The long awaited opening of the Eleven Acres Cafe is just a couple of days away from opening and they've brewed up something special for Bundaberg.

Decorated with refurbished furniture, every piece has a story to tell, much like the faces behind the coffees and the food.

Determined to showcase the essence of hospitality in all it's glory, Baristas Bonnie Craig and Kristian Watkinson said they want the new cafe to feel like home.

"We want to run a coffee shop which is very much our home, that people are sitting on our verandah and having a coffee with us - a real homely type feel

"But at the same time have a quality of products and service that separates us from the rest.

"We want to hold things that interest the community, we're dog friendly and kid friendly. We have a heap of toys, puzzles and plenty of room for the kids to run around, we want mums to feel comfortable and there's no rush to leave if the kids are a bit wild.”

Mr Watkinson said they are paired up with a roaster in Brisbane who does single origin roast and filtered roasts, and we will have the opportunities to have cupping and tasting exercises.

"It's the little things that will make the point of difference,” Chef Leigh said.

"The speciality side of it is massive, what we do in the kitchen will focus on the molecular and native side of things, which hasn't really been done here before.

"Flavour is the easy part, but it's about taking something very simple and turning it on its head and using things that haven't been seen in Bundy. Bringing the molecular side of things in, you will have an oil turned into a power and once the powder touches your tongue it turns back into an oil.” The cafe opens on Monday, coffee from 6.30am and food from 8am.


Acres Eggs Benny: Braised pulled pork, kale leaves, butter crumb, cinnamon myrtle apple cider, tapioca pearls and sour dough.

Doughnut Waffles: Blueberry and cacao sauce, fresh seasonal fruit, sumac spiced ricotta mousse, toasted coconut chips.

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