TRIPPY pyramids, space travel and armies of cats shooting laser guns - Badd Energy's psychedelic new video is bound to become a YouTube hit.

Third Eye is the new clip from the Auckland-based group - featuring rapper Coco Solid, Sam Moore, Trixie Darko and J Suave - and hit the internet today.

It's the follow-up to 2009's critically acclaimed album Tropic of Scorpio from an album called Underwater Pyramids that's due out on Flying Nun later this year.

You might want to arm yourself with a laser cannon. The cat uprising is happening.

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Acclaimed rapper Nas has gone back to his roots for his new video, waltzing through the streets of New York suburb Queensbridge and giving away bling to his fans.

It's refreshing to hear the rapper - who was last in New Zealand in February for a fantastic show with his Distant Relatives album buddy Damian Marley - leave the politics behind and catch his breath on a refreshing old school joint reminiscent of his classic album Illmatic.

And that's news that's bound to please his legions of fans that still call him the greatest rapper alive. LANGUAGE WARNING!

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You'll want to get comfortable for Noel Gallagher's first video since leaving Oasis - it's a whopping eight minutes long.

AKA ... What a Life!, from Noel Gallagher's solo project High Flying Birds, also features a starring role from comedian Russell Brand, a couple of car-stealing blondes and a whole lot of surreal weirdness.

It's from a self-titled album due out on October 17 - the first of two, apparently - and he's got this to say about it: "My manager asked me who the High Flying Birds are. They aren't anyone in particular. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds is me and whoever is around at the time of whatever it is that I'm doing, a loose collective kinda thing."

So Noel has a revolving door policy. But it's likely the door is still firmly shut on any kind of Oasis reunion. No matter - this will more than make up for it.

Fans might want to take off their pants and jacket for the next clip. But only in the privacy of your own home.

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Heart's All Gone is the second new single from jokey pop-punk act Blink 182, who are firmly on the comeback trail and getting serious for a new album that's been surprisingly well received by critics.

The new clip was mostly recorded live but if that's got you crossing your fingers for a New Zealand tour there's bad news in store - drummer Travis Barker no longer flies after surviving a plane crash.

What about a yacht? Surely he can afford one?

Phew. If you need to calm down after all that, Ryan Adams has an acoustic little ditty called Lucky Now just for you.

Boil yourself a pot of calming chamomile tea and settle in. If you like what you're hearing, Adams' new album Ashes & Fire is out this week.

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