COASTLINE REALTY: Emma Bauer and Charlie Winten.
COASTLINE REALTY: Emma Bauer and Charlie Winten. Mike Knott BUN160117COASTLINE1

New Coastline Realty owners have wealth of experience

PASSION, strong local knowledge and a commitment to the local region. These are just some of the words that come to mind when you think of new principals of Coastline Realty Pty Ltd, Emma Bauer and Charlie Winten.

Emma and Charlie are excited to continue the qualities of integrity, knowledge and service of this company that were set by its original owner, Bob Tame, 23 years ago.

Emma said Bob had been a wonderful mentor to both she and Charlie and they greatly respect the imparting of his knowledge of the industry.

Emma herself is a born and bred local with a long standing family history in the area. She has been on and around land, building and houses her entire life and has a diverse range of experience in conveyancing at MRH Lawyers as well as running her own design business.

She has skills which help home owners from the initially preparing the home for sale to the final transfer to the new owners.

Emma started her real estate career at Coastline Realty five years ago, but has had valuable experience with another real estate franchise for the past four years.

Based in Bundaberg, Emma specialised in real estate from the coast to the rural parts of Bundaberg With clientele spread over the whole region and an understanding of the market conditions in the entire area, Emma plans to continue to service all parts of Bundaberg despite the new office being based at the coast.

Charlie began his real estate career as what he describes as a naive Dalby boy in Cairns in 1989, working for PRD Realty with a larger- than-life principal, cutting his teeth in a tough market.

"From 1992 to 1996 we moved back to my old stomping ground, Toowoomba, again selling real estate in another hard environment,” he said.

"Although we aren't experiencing that same depressed market as back then, the resilience and grit that you develop during those times stays with you and makes you even stronger when times are good.

"Before re-entering the industry here on the Coral Coast, my wife and I managed a private island / cattle property, Marble Island, off the Queensland coast between Rockhampton and Mackay for five years and during this experience, I was able to develop my own management skills, resourcefulness and ability to adapt to a changing environment.

"The call of beautiful Bargara and the coast drew us back in 2003, a place which would become home for our two children.”

Establishing a successful maintenance and landscaping business, it was an injury that led Charlie back to real estate in May of 2007 selling on the Coral Coast. He has a strong passion for real estate, including development and marketing.

"The other great thing about our industry is the diverse range of people you meet,” he said.

"Listening and embracing people's life stories never ceases to amaze me, whether it be humbling or motivational, each remains as intriguing and unique as the last.”

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