Needing the toilet no excuse, magistrate says

BANNED from entering Hinkler Central for some past misdeeds, Deborah Palmer was busted by security twice within days for unlawfully being on the premises.

Both times she gave the excuse that she needed to use the toilet - an excuse Bundaberg magistrate Belinda Merrin told her that she did not believe.

Deborah Kaye Palmer, 47, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to two counts of trespass, on May 16 and May 25.

Prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess said Palmer had been issued with a six-month banning notice to September 17.

However, security saw her at 2.40pm on May 16, Palmer saying she knew she was on a ban but needed to use the toilet.

At 4.30pm on May 25 security again saw Palmer in the shopping centre who was identified on CCTV at a chemist shop.

Palmer later told police she had been there as she needed to use the toilet.

Sgt Burgess said Palmer had been dealt with for a breach of her probation on May 2 as she had received a jail term and was still on parole at the time of the offences.

"She places herself at grave risk of going back to prison for these silly offences,” he said.

A Corrective Services officer told the court Palmer's urine had tested positive on June 6 to amphetamines and methylamphetamines.

She was attending counselling.

When asked by Ms Merrin, defence lawyer Nick Larter said he believed the banning notice related to stealing matters.

Ms Merrin said while jail was an option it was better for Palmer to remain in the community and comply with her parole.

Palmer was fined $500, her prior suspended sentence extended by two months.

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