Natural born robbers: Duo get 120 years for their crimes

HE was asked to look after a mate's girlfriend when he got released from jail.

He met up with her a few weeks after his release.

The eventual union would see the two go on a Bonnie and Clyde style crime rampage across south-east Queensland which ended when police shot him three times on a deserted road near Killarney.

Burpengary man Kyle Leslie Olsen and Ipswich woman Melissa Anne McKenzie pleaded guilty to more than 60 charges on Thursday  in the Brisbane District Court stemming from their month-long crime spree in 2012.

The court heard their drug fuelled crime spree included seven violent armed robberies, arson, several horrific assaults, stealing and a host of dangerous driving charges.

Their weapons of choice during the armed robberies at two bottle shops, two pubs, a supermarket, bakery and private residence included a handgun, sawn-off shotgun, air rifle, flares and a fishing hook.

On one occasion the court heard Olsen bashed a shop keeper so badly with a metal chain she suffered severe injuries to her face and head.

After one robbery on July 22, 2012, they led police on a high-speed pursuit through busy Brisbane streets reaching speeds of up to 160km per hour, while throwing flares at tailing police cars until the pursuit was eventually called off.

Crown Prosecutor Jodie Wooldridge told the court the offences were violent, horrific and committed with no regard for the law or any person that may have crossed their paths.

"What makes matters worse was Olsen's offending was committed while on parole, shortly after his release from prison," she said.

"There was evidence that both of them were extensive drug users and severely affected at the time.

"So much so that McKenzie had little or no recollection of any of the offences, or what drugs she had taken for that matter, when she was finally arrested."

Ms Wooldridge told the court their crime spree came to an end after a high-speed police chase from Aratula to Killarney along the Cunningham Hwy on July 27, 2012.

She said they were eventually cornered on a deserted road in Killarney after police immobilised their car using stingers across the road.

However, she said the violence did not stop there.

"When cornered McKenzie yelled to Olsen to 'f****ng shoot him, f****ng kill him' in reference to a nearby police officer," she said.

"Olsen then leaned over and looked to be getting something from underneath his seat.

"Believing their lives were in danger police opened fire on the vehicle hitting Olsen three times in both legs and the arm."

Judge Brad Farr was scathing when he sentenced Olsen to 10 years in jail and said he would have served more time had it not been for the fact he sustained serious and ongoing medical issues arising from the police shooting.

"Your behaviour has had some extreme effects on the victims of your crimes," he said.

"Your crime spree was undertaken with total disregard and contempt for the law.

"You were raised in a good family and no doubt you have brought much shame on them."

Judge Farr then sentenced McKenzie to eight years jail for her role in the month long crime spree.

"Your behaviour would have been horrifying for the victims of your crimes," he said.

"You say that you were physically and sexually abused while in foster care when you were younger and I note you have six children with three different men.

"At the time of this offending you were highly effected by drugs. So much so you do not even know what drugs you were taking.

"There is little evidence before me which shows any rehabilitation will be successful."

In total the two were sentenced to more than 120 years jail for their crimes, but will only serve the maximum penalty imposed concurrently with the other sentences handed down.

Both were deemed serious violent offenders which means they will have to serve at least 80% of their respective sentences.

Furthermore, Judge Farr ordered the two never be allowed to hold a drivers license again in Queensland.

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